Thursday, December 26, 2013

Declan - 9 Months

Sooooo I had your 9 month post ALL done...and then some how I deleted it. Mom Fail!!! So i'm just going to post some pics and a few random things from 9months, and i'll get everyone all caught up in your 10 month post k?!?!

WEIGHT: 23.4lbs
Height: 29"

Wearing size 4 diapers still.  And a mix of 9 month and 12 month clothes.

Still eating like a champ.  Starting to be more interesting in feeding yourself.

Still the happiest baby i've ever seen!!! I sure hope this never changes!

Your eye still gets matted after you sleep, but it's getting better slowly!!

Love remotes.  Especially dads.

First trip to Phoenix for Thanksgiving was a success!!!

You slept 90% of the flights.  Such a good boy :)

The little bit that you weren't sleeping, you were hamming it up for everyone around you!

I told him he wasn't really a small fry....he didn't like that obviously.

You look SO big next to a new baby.  This makes my ovaries hurt.

Loved the Zoo!! I see many zoo visits in your future!!

You loved the horse.  No i won't buy you one

This was the first time I ever found you standing up in the morning.  You were pretty proud of yourself.

Ugh.  This 9 makes me look fat.

Trendy boy in your sperry's :)

This was a really fun month.  You are starting to pick up on more and more everyday! Your expressions are getting MORE animated (if that's even possible!).... you are just one HAPPY baby.  And that makes us some very HAPPY parents!! We love you to the moon and back buddy....