Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bumpdate: 39 weeks

How Far Along: 39weeks and 3 days (2/28/2013)

Size of Baby M: Baby M is the size of a small watermelon!
Baby M is able to flex limbs.... and trust me, you can see him do it.  I can sure as heck FEEL him doing it.  OUCH!  Trav thinks it's hilarious.  I think he's an ass. Baby M's nails are also getting long...possibly past his finger tips.  I do NOT look forward to trimming those!!!
Weight: Annnnnnd we're back down.  I give up on trying to figure this out.  We're at 13.5.   Wouldn't it be fun to leave the hospital my pre-pregnancy weight!! I'll have to be mindful of keeping the weight on though, breastfeeding will be work!!

Exercise: You should see the looks i get at the gym.  I swear people avoid the machine's beside me....they must think I'll go at any moment!  Which i suppose i could!!  I've managed yet again to get two workouts in every day this past week.  Even with the snow storm!! That treadmill has come in handy :) 
Symptoms:  Contractions... probably mostly BH contractions, but there have been some real one's mixed in there...especially since the Doc stripped my membranes yesterday.  Speaking of Doc.... things went well! First thing she said when she started my exam was, Ohhh he's really low, can you feel him?!? Ummm, no...not at all, just feels like he's gonna stick his hand out and wave to me at any given time!!! YES i can feel him you crazy lady!!! She said he's ready....I'm pretty much fully effaced, just a few tough spots....which the stripping of my membranes should take care of.  So ANY DAY NOW!!!!!! 
Cravings:  My brother-in-laws peppers.  Oh man do we eat the shit out of those peppers!!!! They've ruined regular jalapenos for me.... mmmmm so hot and yummy!  We almost had an emergency...but luckily my mom had a few jars to spare, and Bre and Ben are coming to visit next week and bringing me a couple of boxes...crisis averted!
Sleep:  Not so good anymore.  I'm up every two hours...and getting out of bed is no easy task these days so it's quite the production!!
Stretch Marks: Still nothing!!! WOOT WOOT!!

Gender: Still all boy!!!

Maternity Attire: Mix and match...

Looking Forward To:   Meeting our baby boy!!! It is so surreal to me to think we'll be meeting him soon....just surreal!!! 

My sisters will be here next Thursday, and then my Grandma and cousin, along with my brother-in-law are flying out Friday!!!! Hurray for family time!!!!!!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Still here....Still Preggo!

Welp...I was sure with these storms...and the full moon, this kid would make his appearance.  Not so much.  I was actually 85% convinced I was going into labor last night....was having some pretty good contractions, about 8 minutes apart....finally talked myself into falling asleep (with the thinking that I'd regret not resting later if this were the real deal) thinking I'd be woken up in a hour or two when it got worse.... well that didn't happen.  Super disappointing!!!  Sooo i guess I'll just get back to walking a crap ton, spending countless hours on the ball, inhaling as much spicy food as i can handle and forcing Travis to rub all the pressure points that he's not supposed to!

We have an appointment unless he surprises us, i'll be back Wednesday or Thursday with the weekly update!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Bumpdate: 38 weeks

(Sorry this is late...yesterday was a snow day and I didn't get out of my comfy's so no pic was taken!!)
How Far Along: 38weeks and 3 days (2/21/2013)

He has for sure dropped.... if he drops any more...he'll fall out.
PS.  It's funny how my small my boobs like now compared to my belly.... trust me...they're still large.
Size of Baby M:   Baby M is the size of a Pumpkin!

Weight:  Well we've reached 15 pounds!!! If i were a betting man, I'd say we'll reach 20 by the time he's here...I'm a bottomless pit these days!!!

Exercise: Still going strong....well as strong as you can go on the stupid elliptical :)  Managed to get in two workouts every single day this past week!! Sometimes I even snuck in a little extra walk....I'm telling you people, i am determined to get this kid here before March!

Symptoms:  Still some heartburn, but not too bad.  Back pain still, achy boobs, and waddling....that's totally happening :)

Cravings: Still can't get enough candy.  I'm avoiding the Easter candy aisle like the plague....   I also can't seem to get enough animal crackers....random.

Sleep: Meh.  It seems to be getting worse.  Up pretty much every 2-3 hours.  Guess that's my body's way of preparing for those middle of the night feedings!

Stretch Marks: No battle wounds yet!!!

Gender: Still all boy!!!

Maternity Attire: Mix and match...

Looking Forward To:  The end!!!!  We're SO CLOSE!!! I know I've been complaining a lot, and to those of you that have to hear it, I'M SORRY!  It's really not that I'm that uncomfortable, because I'm not.  I think it's the fact that we're SO CLOSE....and I'm sooooo anxious to meet him!  Plus, i know this is a shocker, i am an inpatient person :)  And a planner.... not knowing when he'll be here so i can have a plan drives me CRAZY!!!!

Other then that.  We have no plans again this weekend.  Not sure what we'll do.  Maybe catch a movie, finish up a few little things in the basement, maybe finish our taxes, or just be lazy and sleep all day :)  Mainly just try and enjoy our last few days as the two of us!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bumpdate: 37 Weeks

How Far Along: 37weeks and 3 days (2/14/2013)

Size of Baby M:   Baby M is the size of a Winter Melon (wth is that?). 
Fun facts for this week : He's practicing some skills: inhaling, exhaling, sucking, gripping and blinking.  We actually could see him breathing in the sono last week...pretty cook stuff!  He's also getting his first sticky poop (called meconium) ready for his first diaper.....Grrrrrreat.

Weight:  Grand total is still right around 12.5-13lbs.  Hopefully won't have much time to pack any more on!!! Although I'd survive I'm sure :)

Exercise: I'm back to HATING the stupid elliptical.  Bleh.  Thank God for Netflix, and Hulu on my phone.  I'm now all caught up on Scandal, and finished season 1 of Hart of Dixie...can't find the second season so that's sad (big girl problem right there!)  So today i started watching 90210 (the new version)....there's 92 episodes, 45 minutes long...should last me a couple of weeks!  (I like mindless TV while working out if you hadn't caught on to that!).  Anywho.  Got all my workouts in....even though I'm pretty sure about every single day i tried to talk myself out of going in the evening.  But then i remember i won't be able to work out for several weeks, so there should be no excuses!!!! I'm so hard on myself :)

Symptoms: Acid Reflux has gotten better.  Still a little heart burn at night when I'm in bed, but nothing near as bad as it was before.  Thank God.  That was horrible!  Right groin is giving me trouble.... it's not bad until i walk around too much or try to run/jog.  Yesterday after walking around too much at work, and going to the gym....i almost had to sit down in the Dillons parking lot because i was pretty sure I'd never make it to my car without having to have someone put me in a cart and wheel me there.  It was horrible.  I very much look forward to being able to walk like a normal person soon..... 

Cravings: Sweet tooth has been making a strong appearance this week....real bad.

Sleep: it's gotten a little better with the acid reflux disappearing.  But still up once or twice to pee....

Stretch Marks: No battle wounds yet!!!

Gender: Still all boy!!! Still not 100% on name....we've discussed what we think he'll need to look like for each name...   I feel like Connor James would be for a more light haired, light eyed, soft complexion type baby.  So we'll go with that.  If he's darker...dark hair, dark eyes, he'll be Declan Ryan.  Or maybe we'll just throw them both out and go with something totally off the wall....Paco!

Maternity Attire: Mix and match...

Looking Forward To: Another low key weekend for us!  Trav detailed my car yesterday, so we'll be getting the car seat installed this weekend.  We're also getting the carpets cleaned....and having a cleaning lady come over to deep clean all the shit i really don't want to.  I need to repack my bag (just make sure i have everything) and baby M's as well.  Oh and we have birthing class on Saturday....I'm dreading this.  I really don't want to go.  We'll probably be the only English speaking people there...well that is if anyone else is there....and it takes ALL day Saturday.  So much other stuff I'd rather be doing!  Maybe we'll watch a video online and call it good :)

Oh and Baby M's cousin will be making his/her appearance Monday the 18th!!!! We're SOOOO excited for Bridget and Kyle and can NOT wait to meet the little guy/girl! (it's a girl...i just know it!)

and i cut far I'm loving them.... but i know how quick that can change!! Whatcha think?

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bumpdate: 36 weeks

How Far Along: 36weeks and 3 days (2/7/2013)

Size of Baby M:  A honeydew.... but according to the ultrasound yesterday Baby M is measuring a weeee bit bigger then the 4.2-5.8lb average.  He's around 6.8lbs.  Someone hold me.  If this kid bakes for 4 more weeks, my vagina will never forgive me.

Weight: well....Uhhhh -0.5....again. so at 12.5 pounds. Doctor didn't mention anything about this yesterday (and according to their scale i'm down 2lbs since my last visit!). She's just always said as long as baby is growing, we won't worry..... I'm not doing anything different, so i'm clueless here.....

Exercise: This is getting harder and harder. I'm just tired. My body is tired. And my other hip decided it didn't want to be left off the complaint list, so it decided to start hurting. So now i'm back to just the elliptical and bike....dread. I've still managed to go to both of my weekday workouts, and both saturday and sunday workouts. Not sure they're as productive, but at least i'm moving!! Trav's been breaking in the treadmill for me...keeping it company while i'm out of running commision. I'm really hoping once this monstorous baby is out of me, my hips will behave!!

Symptoms: Heartburn like whoa. It's horrible at night. So are night sweats....what is up with that? I'm not actually hot when i wake up, but i'm sweating like crazy. gross and annoying. Having a TON of BH contractions still....frequent bathroom trips....and i'm also nice and gassy :) This is usually only in the afternoons....right around the time i'm at the gym....yep i'm that girl. I used to care...but at this point, not so much. I'm huge people...i have no control over what is happening with my body. Deal with it!! (at least i don't have stinky that point i'd leave. Promise!)

Cravings: Cheese? I mean i love cheese anyways, but it seems like lately trav and I have been plowing through the cheese. Nacho's are a staple lately. Fruit is still a fave....pineapple is making a reappearance.

Sleep: Horrible lately. So uncomfortable. Have to pee. Have to roll over. Have to prop myself up so i don't vomit acid......ya know, the usual.

Stretch Marks: No battle wounds yet!!!

Gender: Little guy showed us the goods at the sono he is 100% still a boy!! Thank God.

Maternity Attire: Mix and match...

Looking Forward To: This baby getting OUT. :) That and a super low key weekend. We don't even really have a to-do list anymore. Thinking a movie friday night....