Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bumpdate: 39 weeks

How Far Along: 39weeks and 3 days (2/28/2013)

Size of Baby M: Baby M is the size of a small watermelon!
Baby M is able to flex limbs.... and trust me, you can see him do it.  I can sure as heck FEEL him doing it.  OUCH!  Trav thinks it's hilarious.  I think he's an ass. Baby M's nails are also getting long...possibly past his finger tips.  I do NOT look forward to trimming those!!!
Weight: Annnnnnd we're back down.  I give up on trying to figure this out.  We're at 13.5.   Wouldn't it be fun to leave the hospital my pre-pregnancy weight!! I'll have to be mindful of keeping the weight on though, breastfeeding will be work!!

Exercise: You should see the looks i get at the gym.  I swear people avoid the machine's beside me....they must think I'll go at any moment!  Which i suppose i could!!  I've managed yet again to get two workouts in every day this past week.  Even with the snow storm!! That treadmill has come in handy :) 
Symptoms:  Contractions... probably mostly BH contractions, but there have been some real one's mixed in there...especially since the Doc stripped my membranes yesterday.  Speaking of Doc.... things went well! First thing she said when she started my exam was, Ohhh he's really low, can you feel him?!? Ummm, no...not at all, just feels like he's gonna stick his hand out and wave to me at any given time!!! YES i can feel him you crazy lady!!! She said he's ready....I'm pretty much fully effaced, just a few tough spots....which the stripping of my membranes should take care of.  So ANY DAY NOW!!!!!! 
Cravings:  My brother-in-laws peppers.  Oh man do we eat the shit out of those peppers!!!! They've ruined regular jalapenos for me.... mmmmm so hot and yummy!  We almost had an emergency...but luckily my mom had a few jars to spare, and Bre and Ben are coming to visit next week and bringing me a couple of boxes...crisis averted!
Sleep:  Not so good anymore.  I'm up every two hours...and getting out of bed is no easy task these days so it's quite the production!!
Stretch Marks: Still nothing!!! WOOT WOOT!!

Gender: Still all boy!!!

Maternity Attire: Mix and match...

Looking Forward To:   Meeting our baby boy!!! It is so surreal to me to think we'll be meeting him soon....just surreal!!! 

My sisters will be here next Thursday, and then my Grandma and cousin, along with my brother-in-law are flying out Friday!!!! Hurray for family time!!!!!!!

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