Monday, February 25, 2013

Still here....Still Preggo!

Welp...I was sure with these storms...and the full moon, this kid would make his appearance.  Not so much.  I was actually 85% convinced I was going into labor last night....was having some pretty good contractions, about 8 minutes apart....finally talked myself into falling asleep (with the thinking that I'd regret not resting later if this were the real deal) thinking I'd be woken up in a hour or two when it got worse.... well that didn't happen.  Super disappointing!!!  Sooo i guess I'll just get back to walking a crap ton, spending countless hours on the ball, inhaling as much spicy food as i can handle and forcing Travis to rub all the pressure points that he's not supposed to!

We have an appointment unless he surprises us, i'll be back Wednesday or Thursday with the weekly update!

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