Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bumpdate: 36 weeks

How Far Along: 36weeks and 3 days (2/7/2013)

Size of Baby M:  A honeydew.... but according to the ultrasound yesterday Baby M is measuring a weeee bit bigger then the 4.2-5.8lb average.  He's around 6.8lbs.  Someone hold me.  If this kid bakes for 4 more weeks, my vagina will never forgive me.

Weight: well....Uhhhh -0.5....again. so at 12.5 pounds. Doctor didn't mention anything about this yesterday (and according to their scale i'm down 2lbs since my last visit!). She's just always said as long as baby is growing, we won't worry..... I'm not doing anything different, so i'm clueless here.....

Exercise: This is getting harder and harder. I'm just tired. My body is tired. And my other hip decided it didn't want to be left off the complaint list, so it decided to start hurting. So now i'm back to just the elliptical and bike....dread. I've still managed to go to both of my weekday workouts, and both saturday and sunday workouts. Not sure they're as productive, but at least i'm moving!! Trav's been breaking in the treadmill for me...keeping it company while i'm out of running commision. I'm really hoping once this monstorous baby is out of me, my hips will behave!!

Symptoms: Heartburn like whoa. It's horrible at night. So are night sweats....what is up with that? I'm not actually hot when i wake up, but i'm sweating like crazy. gross and annoying. Having a TON of BH contractions still....frequent bathroom trips....and i'm also nice and gassy :) This is usually only in the afternoons....right around the time i'm at the gym....yep i'm that girl. I used to care...but at this point, not so much. I'm huge people...i have no control over what is happening with my body. Deal with it!! (at least i don't have stinky that point i'd leave. Promise!)

Cravings: Cheese? I mean i love cheese anyways, but it seems like lately trav and I have been plowing through the cheese. Nacho's are a staple lately. Fruit is still a fave....pineapple is making a reappearance.

Sleep: Horrible lately. So uncomfortable. Have to pee. Have to roll over. Have to prop myself up so i don't vomit acid......ya know, the usual.

Stretch Marks: No battle wounds yet!!!

Gender: Little guy showed us the goods at the sono he is 100% still a boy!! Thank God.

Maternity Attire: Mix and match...

Looking Forward To: This baby getting OUT. :) That and a super low key weekend. We don't even really have a to-do list anymore. Thinking a movie friday night....

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