Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A New Addition.....

I'd like you all to meet the newest member of our family....

Ms. Jordy McGuire

She's a black lab puppy....8 weeks (Halloween's her b-day!) And she is freaking adorable.  She doesn't walk, she gallops and pounces :)  Her feet are so big she's just a bit clumsy.  She smells of puppy breath and dog food. And she makes us ohhhhh so happy!

Her sister wasn't so sure what to think of her at first....she actually ignored her for a good day or so.  But now they'll chase each other, share toys, and occasionally when Jordy finds it necessary to go after Lillie's curly tail, they'll bicker.  But hey, what siblings don't!!

So for the time being....this is our little fam. And to me...that's just perfect!

PS.  We racked our brains for a KSU name...girl ones are HARD!! If she would have been a boy, she could have been Willie...or Snyder.  Or Willie Snyder McGuire :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

30 Before 30.....

That damn Sally put me up to this...... Although I'm not sure i can even come up with 30....maybe it'll be a work in progress.

1.  Start a family (dear lord PLEASE let this happen by 30!)

2.  Learn how to Sew (Debbie Doll please!)

3.  Travel to Europe (again) with Travis
4.  Kentucky Derby...big hats holla!!

5.  Sky Dive

6. Bungee Jump

7.  Get a Lab puppy

8.  Plant a fruit tree

9.  Learn how to make cinnamon rolls (sarah doll!!)

10. Run a total of 4 1/2 marathons (one down, three to go!)

11.  Take Trav to Chicago

12.  Visit Ranaye in Cali

13.  Visit Meghan in Mexico

14.  Ride my bike to Cimarron and back

15. Take up swimming regularly

16.  Finish our basement (starting next week!)

17.  Attend a FULL season of KSU football

18.  Meet Bill Snyder (that.would.be.awesome)

19.  Make out with Bill Snyder....kidding

19. (for real) Learn some spanish.  I'm not committing to speaking it fluently, but at least understanding a bit!

20.  Watch Savannah graduate from nursing school

21.  Staying Debt free..(not counting mortgage)

22.  Watch Mel get married.... hehe It COULD happen!

23.  Run a FULL marathon...eek, can't believe i just said that.

24.  Go meatless for a FULL week! (don't tell my dad)

25.  Eat dinner at the table...for a week (this will be impossible!)

26.  Visit Jenna in KC (at LEAST once a year!)

27. Attend church on the regular

28.  Volunteer

29.  Buy a Range Rover :)  This should be on my 80 before 80 list, but hey a girl can dream right!

30.  Find my calling.  What i'm supposed to do with my life....a job that makes me happy!!

Ok, well that's all i could come up with for now....and some are stretching it :)  At least i posted ok....baby steps.  I'll probably be back in like a month!! 

Monday, October 10, 2011

How 'bout them Cats!!

We traveled to Manhattan again this past weekend to watch the Cats take on Missouri....

Mel and Savannah came into town as well for the big game!! It's always a good time with "The Bad Girls" as my mother likes to call them!

 It was a little rainy, but nothing too bad.  Turns out my rain jacket wasn't so water proof....whoops.
Sitting thru the rain, was well worth it! The Cats pulled off the upset and beat Mizzou, keeping us undeafeted for the season!!! 5-0, for the first time since 2000! 
ohhhhhhh how i love me some k-state :)

Friday, September 30, 2011

My fives....

I"m jumping on the "My Fives" bandwagon.  I'm too lazy today to come up with my own post....even though there's a lot ot discuss (Football, shopping, Knox, blah blah)

Ready, Set, Go.....
Last five people I talked to on the phone:
1.My nurse...i'm the crazy patient that calls about EVERYTHING :)
3.Kim (my awesome mother-in-law)
4.My nurse....see i told you
5.Jessi  (this is all the way back from Saturday...i apparently NEVER talk on the phone)

Last Five Meals I Ate:
1.My usual weekday lunch.  Tortilla with turkey and honey mustard, and an apple.
2.My usual weekday breakfast.  Banana and Strawberry smoothie.
3.Bowl of Cin. Toast crunch....SOOOOO good.
4.Lots and lots of homeade chex mix.  I don't know why i make it..i just eat the whole damn batch in like 2 days!
5.And my usual lunch again.

Last five places I’ve traveled:
1.Wichita, KS
2.Manhattan, KS
3.Kansas City, KS
4.Hermann, MO
5.Chicago, IL

Next five places I will go (outside of my hometown):
1.well i'm currently at work, which is out of town.
2.Wichita, KS....so the nurse can tell me to my face how annoying i am :)
3.Manhattan, KS...for the Mizzu game and to see my besties!!
4.Lawrence, KS...for the KU KSU game...and too see another of my besties!
5.Manhattan, KS for the first annual McGuire 5k race!! (it's actually the KSU homecoming 5k, but whatevs)

Last five workouts:
1.30 min. elliptical, 25 bike....arms AND legs.  I hadn't been to the gym for a while so needed to cram it all in there!
2. Ran over lunch with Rocky....1hr.
3. Ran over lunch with Rocky....1hr.
4. Ran over lunch with Rocky...1 hr.
5. Ran around Mulvane 5 miles, then ran that evening with the hubs and Lillie 2 miles (funny story.  lillie literally layed down in the middle of the road after about 1.5 miles.  she was DONE!)

Five things making me happy right now:
1.My little sister is coming home from Denver tonight.
2.I get to babysit the neighbor girls tonight....they're super cute!
3.Jess's bach. party is tomorrow night, its going to be awesome! Murder Mystery!!
4.K-State football.  K-state in general makes me happy :)
5.It's Friday.  Thank the Lord....this has been a LONG ASS week!
6.Yes...yes i can add another if i want, this is my blog damn't.  TRAVIS.  Such a cutie :)  Love him to death!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I'm notorious for splurging.  Most of the time i'm pretty reasonable....if not cheap.  I usually can't bring myself to spend $50 on a shirt or $150 on jeans.  I like my clearance American Eagle $30 jeans and $10 tee's just fine.  But sometimes....when the mood strikes....or when i am just in a "oh F it" kind of mood....i splurge (Hello Coach purse!).  And splurge we did this weekend.

We like K-State and we  like to make sure people know it by wearing at least one KSU item daily.  We also single-handedly like to keep Kansas Sampler and Varney's in business.  Your welcome.


Trav mentioned he wanted a new gun.  Usually i'd be like....ohhhh ok hun, someday we'll look into that.  But nope not this weekend.  I said...Ok, let's go get one then (enter confused look from husband).  So we did.

You get a gun, I get a diamond of equal or higher value. 

We justified the last two by saying they were our anniversary gifts to eachother....or maybe that's how i justified it to Travis....i would have done it anways ;)

(the first one needs no justification, i feel that at least 15% of our earnings should go towards KState clothes/tickets/hats/shoes/posters/wallpaper/tattoo's/parking spaces)

Friday, September 2, 2011

KSU Tailgating!!

I LOVE tailgating....and KSU....So therefore I LOVE TAILGATING FOR KSU FOOTBALL!!!

I've had some pretty great times...... with some pretty great people!

We even ventured to Lawrence for a game...we didn't care much for their style of tailgating.


By far one of my favorite pictures.....ohhhh if you only knew!

This was a good day. We were all still drunk from the night before, jenna spent about an hour in the porta-potty....and we enjoyed eggs from our hands :)

Some CU tailgating! 
Tailgating in Boulder!

And this is what Mel looks like after a LONG day of Four-lokos and beer.  (She was just called a lesbian and was thrilled about it!)

KSU-KU game!! How can we be lovers if we can't be friends??
Of Course a tailgate isn't complete without shotgunning.  If i remember correctly (which i barely remember this at all) he kicked my ass.

We fell in love with the scratch cups....and put them to good use!

And the McGuire clan in Manhattan!!!

We're headed up for the season opener tomorrow!!! GO CATS!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Part Two: The race!

I had every intention of finishing this last week....honestly I have no idea why I didn't.  Pure laziness i'm guessing!!  Just a warning...lots of stuff in this post that i'm sure no one cares to hear about, i just want to remember it!

The race was suppoesd to start at 6:30am.  And I think for the most part it did....i didn't cross the start line till about 15 minutes later (that's what happens when your waaaaay in the back in corral 22!).  While up by the start I did see Al Roker and his clan taking off.  He ran with like 5 girls and matching tank tops that formed a circle around him.  Um...if that was his security detail then i'm guessing no one really poses a threat to him.  I could have tackled him if i felt the urge.  Anywho....we're off!!  And when I say we i mean me and thousands of people.  It was crazy.  There were people as far as i could see in front of me and behind me.  If i pooped my pants, there would be a TON of witness's. Just saying.  I spent the first 5k hoping and praying for the rain to hold off.  There were some serious clouds, and the humidity was like 85%....didn't look good.  I figured if all these other people would have to suffer thru it then i could manage.  But i was NOT above ducking into a store to wait some of it out either.  Could you imagine the blisters and chaffing you'd get from running soaking wet for two hours....no thanks.  By the time i hit the 5k mark I was certain we had already gone at least 5 miles....so that sucked.  I have a love hate relationship with milage signs.  I want to know, but then again I don't.  My pace up until this point was just plain slow.  I ran the 5k in 32:01.  That's a 10:30 mile. (My 5k for kenna time was around 25:00, so i can tell that i was being timid)  Not the pace i wanted to keep, but i was scared to death about dying out halfway thru. (At the time I had no idea what my pace was or what my time was since the clocks started with the first person to cross the starting line).  I managed to survive the two water stations up to this point.  It's like herding cattle (you've all done that right?).  If i were to ever get in a fight at a race it would be at a water/GU station.  Get your shit and get out of my way.  Don't linger, don't walk right in the middle of the road, MOVE!  Ugh.  I wanted to push at least 3,467 people.  Mile 5...it happened.  It rained.  At first just a few drops....i thought maybe i was drooling on myself, or the guy in front of me was drooling into the wind....but nope, it was rain.  It rained for a solid 15 minutes i bet.  Seemed like an hour.  But it stopped.  And i sped up.  If it's going to dump, i'm getting this damn race over with as fast as humanly possible.  Pace from 5k mark to the 10k mark was about 9:45min/miles.  That's more around the pace i'd planned on keeping....until i had to walk (which going into this, i was totally ok with doing.  13.1 miles is no joke, and if i have to walk, walk i shall).  I don't remember anything too specific from this jaunt of the race.  Oh mile 7 my mother in law jumped out of the crowed gave me a high five and a YOU GO GIRL!  That pumped me up!!  The crowd thru the whole race was AMAZING!! Soooo many people.  Some in costumes, some doing pyramids, some with some pretty awesome signs (my favorite was the church people...they made me giggle).  There were band every mile and a half or so....from what i could hear, they were pretty decent.  Anywho...at this point we're running down Michagin Ave.  So there's more room....which i  like.  Mile 9 the gave out GU's.  I've never used GU before.  I researched it, talked to people, and decided that since i'd never used one before I wouldn't eat the whole thing.  I didn't want to have stomach issues this close to the end.  Problem is, i don't drink gaterade or anything like that either.  I knew i'd need something besides water at this point to give me some fuel.  Executive decision....water, and about 1/2 of the vanilla GU.   Nothing cool happened.  I didn't sprout wings...which at this point would have been welcomed.  But most importantly my stomach was ok with it.  I hit mile 10 at 1:36My pace from the 10k to this point was 9:30.  Um.  Don't you usually slow down towards the end?  I would do this all ass backwards.  I do remember thinking....I'm not dying.  My legs aren't even tired.  That must mean i'm not pushing myself.  Aren't you supposed to leave it all out on the course?  Kick your own ass seabass.  So i did.  Plus I just passed a girl running with ONE LEG.  See had an orthopedic attachment, but still....that was AMAZING!!!  I almost cried.  Ok maybe i shed a tear....but at this point i'm losing my mind.  We hit the curve, which from studying the course map for 12 hours, i knew this was the tail end of the race....this was it....now or never.  If your going to die on the course do it at the end so you at least look like you tried right?  I finished strong.  The last 3.1 miles I ran an average of 8:50 miles.  That's fast for me.  Especially after running 10 miles.  Usually i'd be putting along at 12 minute miles....or walking really fast! 

Anywho...i crossed the finish line with the timeclock saying 2:20.  I knew that wasn't my accurate time since I started late, but i was still pleased as punch to be under 2:30hrs.  The official finishing time for me was 2:06:55.  The finish was weird.  You literally cross the line then BAM it's a wall of people.  Hot, sweaty, smelly people.  I feel like this should be planned out better...i'll get on that.  Once you get to moving (which is super hard to do once you stop running) you get some water....wet towels...i think there were sponges too....and then the medals.  I almost wanted to go back and get like 4 more!! (hey, these races aren't cheap, gotta get your money's worth!).  I opted out of the medal/race picutre.  Mainly because i didn't want to stand in line anymore.  I was super excited to see what goodies they had for me to stuff in my pie hole.... i was told they usually have great post race snacks.  Um...WRONG.  First up...popsicle's.  Ok.  I can be down with that (as long as it's purple)....then banana's.  What's with all the phalic food? Men must run this show.  After banana's, an orange station...gross.  Then citomix, don't drink the stuff so no thanks.  Chex mix, i'll have three bags please and thank you (i'm stocking up for the plane ride). Then the snickers station.  I went thru that line 3 times :)  I found Kim super easy and we decided to for go the after race party.  It was raining by this point and I just wanted to be warm. 

Headed to the hotel, stretched, showered, then off to get pizza. 

Because that's what you do after you run for two hours....make up those lost calories in Chicago's best stuffed pizza...duh.

Overall....it was by far one of the best experiences of my life.  If you would have told me two years ago that i'd be able to run 13.1 miles without stopping...and live to talk about it, i would have laughed in your face.  I like to see end products....especially when you work so hard towards something.  I'm now obsessed with races.  The atmosphere, the adrenaline...it's SO awesome!  There are several races between now and the end of the year that i'd LOVE to run.  Situations may arise that will cause me to take time off from running though....and i'm ok with that.  But you can bet your ass as soon as that's all said and done, i'll be right back out there!!

Random Stats from the race:  5,656th place out of 15,259 people.  Not bad.
In my age division 25-29; 739th out of 2,488
Females:  2,553rd out of 9,480

Monday, August 15, 2011

Part 1: Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon Chicago

Well....I survived my very first half marathon this weekend!!!  And I LOVED every single second of it!!!

Here's a little play by play.

After work Friday, me and my severely over packed carry on headed up to Wichita.  I realize I was only going to be gone Saturday night, and I really just needed an outfit to put on before the flight Saturday, something to run in Sunday, and something to wear home after.  However....this girl prefers to have options.  So I packed 3 pairs of running shorts, three different running tops, 4 sports bras, 3 pairs of running socks, 4 pairs of underwear, 1 pair of jeans (not counting the ones i wore there), 1 pair of capri's, three regular shirts, two pairs of running shoes, a rain jacket, a fleece jacket, and a pullover.  It was ALL VERY necessary I swear :)  Anywho....we woke up at 5am Saturday morning to catch our flight out of Wichita (Yuck yuck yuck!!)  Luckily we had no issues with any of our flights!!  We arrived in chicago around 930am..... and decided to brave out the public transportation known as the L train instead of busting out 40 bucks for a cab.  We surprisingly made it to the right spot with out anyone stabbing us, robbing us, or just plain scaring us!  We stayed at the Hilton on Michagin Ave.  It was BEAUTIFUL!!!
Next up was the Race Expo.  Holy over-whelming batman.  People everyone...(i do not do well in large crowds, it makes me an angry violent elf) and tons of vendors!  We got our t-shirts, and swag bags and braved our way thru the crowds checking out all the free samples.  Lots of protein bars (which i think taste like pure dog doo), recovery drinks, qdoba(one of these things is not like the others), merchandise, group excercising, and buff people.  I'd have to say my favorite sample was the snickers new marathon bars (well their new to me at least!).  YUM-O!! Lots of protein, and not bad calories...i'm sold.
I would if they sell these in bulk at sam's.  Hmmmm.  Anyways.  Moral of the story, we got our race info without a glich and were now officially ready to run the damn thing....all we had to do was show up.  Ok fast forward to dinner.  Cheesecake factory...peanut butter cheesecake....pure heaven.  I also got to pick the brain of Stephanie (her mother works with my MIL and her and her mother were there for the race as well).  This was going to be her 4th 1/2 so so was def. more experienced then me.  I needed to know lots of valuable information....am i going to die?  will i have to poop in the middle of the race?  should i wake up 2 hours early (4am) to eat something to ensure that i don't poop in the middle of the race? Ipod or no ipod? Sunglasses?  are you sure i'm not going to die?  She was very helpful, but i still felt umprepared.  Back to the hotel...freak out a little....trick myself into sleeping until my alarm goes off at 5am.  Jump right out of bed when the alarm goes offs to check the weather (it rained a lot Saturday and there was a 63% chance of rain all morning Sunday).  It was dry...there is a God.  Now we just have to get our butts to the starting line!!

Me, Kim (MIL), Stephanie, and Sonia

I was in corral 21.  They put you in corral's according to your predicted finish time.  On the registration I put 2:30 hours.....I figured that was do able.  While waiting for our turn I started talking to a tall red head.  This was like her 5th race....her PR is 1:32. Um...what are you doing in my corral you crazy speedy ginger?   She said she hadn't trained at all for this race so she put a longer time.  So your fast, run races with out training, and skinny?? Gingers really are soul-less.  (Southpark reference for all of you slow folks).  Next thing I know i'm running.... with 15, 258 other people.  That's a lot of people....running...in the same direction....on small streets.  So that makes about 8,026 people that I wanted to push, shove and/or trip (the other 7,000 people were behind me or already almost done!).  Did i mention I hate large crowds? 

(I'm totally splitting this in to two parts.  Not because it's a super awesome long story....but because i have nothing else to blog about so i need to spread it out, make it count!  Plus i'm waiting for the actual race photo's to be uploaded so you can see how awesome i look when i am a few feet away from death.)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Let's recap...mmmmmk?

Look people (AMY!!!) I'm a very important person, with a lot of very important things to tend to on a daily basis, so blogging just isn't a priority. 

Ok, maybe not....maybe not even a little.  But I have been busy!!  (This is not an excuse to not blog, i have a lot of down time at work!)  And you would think these activities would prompt a post.... enter LAZINESS!  Let's recap what i've been doing....cause i know you care.


2: Surgery:  Some day when you're old enough i'll tell you about it.

17-19: My favorite brother-in-law is coming for a visit!!  He came, he saw, he conquered.


 24-26: Manhattan to play with the in-laws and maybe visit Stampede  Ohhhhh how i love this town.  There was no Stampede action (which is probably for the best) but there was a lot of this:


7-10: GW11. Also known as Girls Weekend 2011. Tablerock won't know what hit it.  By far, one of the best weekends with my girls!!! The cottage, the conversation, the beer, the cheez-its, the zip lining, the catching up, the rum in my tequila, the rowdy beaver, the boat that almost crashed into the rocks, the sunburns, the bears....I love these girls, and CAN.NOT.WAIT until GW2012

** Jamie, could you please quit freaking my friends out and acting like you know them just because you saw them on here? STALK MUCH???? :)  i kid, it made them feel famous!**

 This apparently is something that the boys at J's work like to do...strange.

Champagne while floating is a must for us girls!

Cause we're the threefour best friends that anyone could have!

19: Wichita for the day. (i sure have been taking off a lot of work....hope no one notices!)

21-25: Brekenridge with my family....it's a new tradition and I LOVE IT! **Just booked massages for Friday, sooooo excited!! We'll hike, bike, eat, sleep, drink, and probably do puzzles!!**

29-30: Jenna and Ryan visit! (Stopping thru on the way to a wedding!)  I was informed that Ryan wants to smoke cigars and gamble....ummmm DONE AND DONE!!!

So that's July..... and somewhere in there i'm supposed to be training for a 1/2 that i'm running IN ONE MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!! I immedietly regret that decision.  Well maybe.... a little.....i'm scared, hold me.  I ran jogged 7.25 miles this morning, in 1:12.  No way i'm finishing in 2 hours, cause i was pretty much DONE (like i wanted to stop at my parents house and make them drive me the rest of the way home) at mile 6.  I told myself i'd run long runs (when i say long i mean over 6) once if not twice a week, gradually getting longer will i hit at least 11.  Ohhhhhh good lord help me.

Other then that the McGuire's have just been chugging along.  Trav's almost done working outside and he COULD NOT be happier!! It's flipping hot out there people!  He's also been a little less then impressesed with his yard lately....due to the weather of course, not the lack of trying! Just can't seem to water enough! 

Welp...that's my update, Amy i sure hope this made your day!!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Holy BUSY BEE Batman

I just took a look-see at my schedule....and i pissed myself.

17-19:  My favorite brother-in-law is coming for a visit!!
24-26:  Manhattan to play with the in-laws and maybe visit Stampede

7-10:  GW11.  Also known as Girls Weekend 2011.  Tablerock won't know what hit it.
21-25:  Brekenridge with my family....it's a new tradition and I LOVE IT!
29-30:  Jenna and Ryan visit!  (Stopping thru on the way to a wedding!)

5-7:  Family Reunion in Wichita
13-14:  Rock n' Roll Half Marathon Chicago with my amazing Mother-in-law.
26-28:  Hermann Missouri with my beautiful bride-to-be cousin Jess!!

KSU football starts....lord help us :)
2-4: Manhattan
16-18:  Manhattan

Friday, June 3, 2011

Playing Catch Up!!

It's been ohhhhhh close to forever since i posted.  So i figure i should do a little update, as our lives have been a little chaotic!!

The house is coming along nicely.  We spend last weekend decorating!! I am sooooo in love with the prints I ordered of Etsy and had framed....i promise to take updated pics soon!  We also got the rest of our couch in, so the living room is pretty much complete!! Trav even figured out how to hide those pesky TV cords :)

Our bedroom is in transition as well.  We got all the pieces in, but the footboard had a big ol chunk out of the corner so back it goes! Hopefully by next weekend we'll have that and can finally put the bed together!  We need to hang some stuff in there as well....and i'm on the look out for a cure chair to go in the corner,  the one we have now is a little big. 

Remember the purple polka dot bathroom....well it shall no longer be that way after this weekend!! I'm painting it sort of a burnt red (brick if you must).  My mother is a firm believer that every house needs a red wall, so why not the bathroom!!!

Mel's room is sort of just sitting there....patiently waiting on her to come decorate it :)  It's almost done though, just need to hang some pictures and little nic naks.

Trav has been obsessed with his yard.  It looks GREAT!!  It's amazing what a little TLC can do to a lawn!!  We also just bought a bunch of flowers to plant in the front of the house (under our window) so that's another weekend project!!  (again, i'll post pics when it's done!).

As far as travis and i go.... we're a hot mess of a couple this past week!  Last Wednesday trav text me at work and said he thought he had appendicitis.  Um ok...that came out of no where!  I made him go to the doctor since we were heading out of town that night for my appointment in wichita.  He had to have an emergency appedix removal.  He checked into the ER at like 445 and i don't think i got home home till after 11.  It was a looooooong day.  And we had to get up early to head to wichita since he botched those plans right up!  Got news while we were in Wichita that I'd be needing surgery.... great grand wonderful!!  So that went down yesterday.  I feel ok....but then again i have some sweet pain pills helping me out with that!  We'll be heading back up to Wichita Tuesday night for a Wednesday appointment, and then again the next Thursday night for a Friday appointment.  Lots of driving, but hopefully it'll all be worth it!

Other then that...works keeping trav busy.  His rotation at this time is Feed.  So he is to work by 3am and home around 4pm.  It's exhausting...so he's in bed by like 8 :)  He'll only be on that schedule for another month, then he's off to the Mill for a couple of months....then the Big Boy Office!!!! Dad wants him in the office before KU basketball starts so he can take off, leave travis behind, and go to all the games.  Smart man that Steve.

My work is picking up....so that's nice.  I still enjoy it for the most part, and have gotten used to the drive.  Thank God for Kid Kratic in the morning :)  and coffee.... and diet coke.

Oh and Sunday marks 10 weeks till the 1/2 in Chicago.  I'm going to attempt to train again...but NOT over do it like last time!!  So you have those recaps to look forward too!!!

K well that's all i know for now, i'll get some pics up ASAP!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

McGuire Casa

I suppose it's time to share pics of the new casa.  So here it is.....
**Side note;  We are SO not all the way moved in and decorated, so don't go thinking we're dirty ol slobs just yet!!***

 First things first....a kstate flag was hung outside so the neighbors know what's up.

 Right when you walk in the front door your in the living room.  Meet my new couch.  I love him.  He is not complete yet though.  He has two more pieces coming.... I will let you know when i name him :)

 Kitchen...small but gets the job done.  The fridge is new, i like it.  PS fridges are NOT cheap.

 Where we keep the muts all damn day while we're slaving away at work.  Also where a crap ton of water is going.  Someone tell my husband to chill on the watering....rome wasn't built in a day you know!

 One of two guest rooms.  This one is the only one that was decent enough for a pic.  We call this Mel's room.  Because we're hoping that makes her come stay ALL THE TIME :)  My mother is now obsessed with the animal theme....so get excited for updates on that!

 Master....where the magic happens of course!! (HA!).  We ordered new furniture, and it'll be here by this weekend.  I'm super pumped for it!  We ordered a sleigh bed, and two dressers.  I get the bigger one in case there was any confusion on that.

Did you just hear angels sing??? I swear i do every time i walk into the closet.  It's my happy place.  Now if i could just get it organized and kick the hubby out we'll be all set.

Mom and I spent Mother's Day decorating.  I swear it's what she really wanted to be doing :)  So it looks a little different then the pics....i'll update ya'll once we get everything done and all the new stuff arrives!!!

On a completely different page....WHAT IS UP WITH THE MOTH'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy Moly.