Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A New Addition.....

I'd like you all to meet the newest member of our family....

Ms. Jordy McGuire

She's a black lab puppy....8 weeks (Halloween's her b-day!) And she is freaking adorable.  She doesn't walk, she gallops and pounces :)  Her feet are so big she's just a bit clumsy.  She smells of puppy breath and dog food. And she makes us ohhhhh so happy!

Her sister wasn't so sure what to think of her at first....she actually ignored her for a good day or so.  But now they'll chase each other, share toys, and occasionally when Jordy finds it necessary to go after Lillie's curly tail, they'll bicker.  But hey, what siblings don't!!

So for the time being....this is our little fam. And to me...that's just perfect!

PS.  We racked our brains for a KSU name...girl ones are HARD!! If she would have been a boy, she could have been Willie...or Snyder.  Or Willie Snyder McGuire :)