Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jobless in Dodge City....

I am a known blog slacker. And I quite honestly have no excuse this time. I'm not busy, in fact I'm the opposite. I lost my job on March 3rd.... I won't go into details, but I'm soooo not mad about it. At first, maybe....but I think that was more shock then anything. I've been looking for something for a while...something that didn't require me to drive 67 miles a day... And work in a shed... With illegals,.... So blessing in disguise it was.
So what's a girl do with all this free time (besides stress the F out about money!)?? I go on vacation!! My granny was taking a long ass road trip to Joplin Missouri, then to Phoenix, then to San Fran and home. As tempted as I was to sit on my ass in the Cadi for millions of hours, I opted for the easy way. I flew to Phoenix and met my mom and granny k there. My cousin Julie lives there so we got to see her new house and help decorate (this included three hours in IKEA!) I hadn't met her baby boy Lane yet so I spoiled the bejesus out of him!! He is absolutely adorable!! After a few days there we headed to my other cousin Ranaye's. She lives about an hour and a half outside of San Fransico. We spent one day at her place then ventured into the city with her little guy Ayden in tow. I had never been there before and fell in love with it instantly!!!! We spent two fast fun filled days there and then it was time for me to head back home to the hubster and pups....and the job hunt!!! Here's a few pictures from the trip!! (no one likes a post without pictures, duh!!)

 Flying into i miss that place

 Baby Lane...quite possibly the cutest thing on the planet!!

 Dinner with Julie, Lane and Granny K

 Beautiful views driving from Phoenix to California!

 Mr. Ayden celebrating St. Patty's day!

 The infamous bridge!!! I really wanted to ride bikes along it, or run it, but it was brrrrr cold!

 Me and Ranaye at the bridge!

 Lunch at the Cheesecake Factory!

 Trolley's in Chinatown!

Ranaye at Lombard Street. 

My first trolley ride!!

 Fisherman's Wharf!! (it was super bright, and my mom will NOT let you were glasses when she's taking the picture!!)

Fisheman's Wharf again....

These things were hilarious....and smelly.

Ayden took a liking to me this day....not sure why :)

He did not however like my kisses.....

We also visited the Tanner's.  No one was home.  Damn the luck!!

It was a fantastic trip and I was blessed to get to go!! I hadn't been to either Phoenix or Cali to visit my cousin since they've lived there (ummm like two years probably!).  I've been home for a week now...and accomplished lots of nothing...well ok, i sleep in till 930, work out for like 2.5 hours (keeps me out of the fridge), mow the yard, and drink like i'm 21 again (this only occurs on the far, but if this unemployment continues much longer i may turn into a tuesday afternoon drinker!).  Something bigger and better is going to come up.... it just has to.  I think i've had my share of craptastic luck lately and deserve me some good stuff.  So stay tuned.... big things are happening people...BIG things (positive reinforcement helps me!)