Thursday, July 29, 2010

I want one!!

Cute one's like this......
Make me super happy :)
Isn't Carlye just adorable!!! Such a happy baby......i thought about stealing her, but figured Carrie would hurt me!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Our pictures!

This past weekend Trav and I headed down to my grandparents cabin in Cuchara. It had been ohhhh about 10 years since I'd been..... It's only about a three hour we're sort of kicking ourselves for not getting down there before now!!
This is the back porch....and the private pond stocked with Trout!!!

My grandma LOVES her fish. Says she's named them all.....

The locals call the cabin the "pizza hut" house!!

We got up early Saturday and did a little hiking!! (a 13er to be exact!!)

Brought the muts along.....they did surprisingly well!!

Poor Knox had to wear his sisters pink harness.

We made some friends along the way......this here is Marty the Marmot.

After about 3 hours we made it to the top!!! The dogs drank more water then we did!!

The views were AMAZING!!

But we were all a little tuckered out when we got home :)

Not too tuckered out for a little fishing though!!!

I'm a professional......

So naturally i caught the first fish!! (Grandma says this is Fred)

This would be my second catch of the day....trav was having a rough time!!

After 4 hours of perfecting our fishing skills, we got cleaned up and headed into town for some fun at the Dog bar!!!
It was such an amazing weekend!!! We fully intend on going back....SOON!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010


It's a word..... i swear :)

Yesterday was pretty much the best day ever!!! (Besides my wedding day of course!)

1. I got like two comment cards sent back to work that said i was amazing :)

2. My boss said the F word. I LOVE the F word...i try and say it as much as possible!! My boss NEVER cusses.....i think in the two years i've known her i may have heard her say shit ONCE. She busted out the big guns yesterday and it TOTALLY made my day.

3. My AMAZING husband got ANOTHER raise.....and a pretty hefty bonus!!!

4. We paid off two credit cards!!! (WOOT WOOT

5. Ate dinner here....

6. Got some of this.....

(I Heart everything Under Armour!!!)

7. We got these....

I haven't ever worn Asics before....but the second my foot slipped into those pretty purple (matches all my kstate tshirts i wear to the gym!!) shoes i was sold....i even made trav find the same one's in men's so he could enjoy their amazingness with me....

8. And a new one of these....

Now we each have one for our hiking adventures!!!

Yep....i was a happy girl!!!! AND to top it all off me and the hubster are headed out to my grandparents cabin for a nice little weekend of hiking, fishing, biking and dog bar-ing!! Just the two of us....i'm pretty pumped!!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Breaking in the bum....

Alright.....well lets just say my ass is not liking my bike....or maybe my bike doesn't like my ass....either way, my bum is sore. The guy at the store said i have to break in the seat, and my seat. He wasn't kidding. Mission ass breaking in is in full swing...... and apparently we need to figure out how to make helmets look cool......
We're smiling because we have NO IDEA how stupid we look.... mom says i'd look even more stupid with my brain smashed on the ground..... point taken.
Isn't she pretty..... yes my shirt matches....and my i didn't plan this.... that's the only work out tank i have and it was hot. And it just so happens to be my favorite color.....

Annnnnnnnd we're off......

Monday, July 12, 2010

Just call me Lance.....

Guess what I got!!!!!!!
(Mine's Teal though!)

I heart it.....i heart it A LOT!!!!! (Thanks Mom and Dad!!!!) I've been talking about getting one for a while now, and we finally just went and did it!!! The first day I had it Trav and I decided to ride the 6.5 miles along the Platte Trail....

to our gym, lift some weights, then head back!! It was a perfect day....and a perfect workout!!! I"m so excited to get to explore Denver via bike trails :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Missing you......

My large.....CRAZY, AMAZING family

My best friends..... without these girls....i'd be lost!

My Lindsay..... never a time that she hasn't been there for me.....
Sarah and Jess..... more like sisters than cousinsIn-Laws..... couldn't have asked for a better set :)

Diego...... *tear*

Last but CERTAINLY not beloved AGGIEVILLE....we shall meet again.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Random thoughts.....

I don't have much of importance right i'll just give you my random thoughts of today.

1. Apparently the job market still blows. I would LOVE a different job. Don't get me wrong....the hotel business is SOOOO awesome (i'm being sarcastic here people!) but i just feel as though i'm wasting away at this job. I need something new....something oh i don't know....that i actually DO something at. I understand i should count my lucky stars that i actually have a job...... but um..... i'm gonna be selfish and say i need a different one, preferable with more money, and preferably one that isn't located somewhere that is open 365 days a year. Please and thank you.

2. Still no baby....MOTHER F'ER!!!!

3. The weekends REALLY piss me off. I have ridiculous self control during the week. I burn around 700-900 calories a day at the gym, and eat around 1200 calories a day..... i'm kicking ass at this whole tone/lose weight thing...... that is UNTIL friday comes around. Enter booze..... exit self control......enter me feeling like a loser because all my hard work just went to waste. (YES, i understand that MAYBE if i gave up drinking this would be easier.....but what fun is that!!!)

4. Squirrels got jokes. At least the ones down my street do. there is this house a few blocks down that ALWAYS has people sitting out front of it. Very white trashy yard (if you can call dirt a yard) with ohhhh about three grills, some trash, and occasionally two naked kids running around..... oh and this week a Jason mask appeared on a stick!!! Anywho....the car that's always parked in front of it usually has its windows down (apparently any items worth of value they keep in the slightly fenced yard and not their car). Well the other day i was on my way to work and noticed two squirrels chilling on the hood of the car, each positioned over one of the open windows..... as i drove by....they dove in. This made me laugh. It was like the rehearsed it. and then i got to thinking about how bad i'd freak out if i were to get in my car one day and a squirrel just pops up out of no where.....accident waiting to happen. Week later....driving to work. Two squirrels, hanging out in the back window of the same car....... again, i giggled. Well the next day the cars windows were rolled up.....they must have discovered the new tenants of their car..... ohhhhhh it's the small things in life that make me happy!

5. I want a bike. No no not a harley (can you imagine!!)....a BICYCLE!!! Trav has one....but not me. I need one.... i'm going to get one. Like this weekend....THANKS MOM!

6. I heart 4 day weeks..... it's already almost Thursday.....that makes me happy.

See....told you my thoughts were random today. Happy Hump Day Everyone!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Silence for Baby Cohen...

My thoughts and prayers are with this amazing family today as they bury their son.....