Friday, July 16, 2010


It's a word..... i swear :)

Yesterday was pretty much the best day ever!!! (Besides my wedding day of course!)

1. I got like two comment cards sent back to work that said i was amazing :)

2. My boss said the F word. I LOVE the F word...i try and say it as much as possible!! My boss NEVER cusses.....i think in the two years i've known her i may have heard her say shit ONCE. She busted out the big guns yesterday and it TOTALLY made my day.

3. My AMAZING husband got ANOTHER raise.....and a pretty hefty bonus!!!

4. We paid off two credit cards!!! (WOOT WOOT

5. Ate dinner here....

6. Got some of this.....

(I Heart everything Under Armour!!!)

7. We got these....

I haven't ever worn Asics before....but the second my foot slipped into those pretty purple (matches all my kstate tshirts i wear to the gym!!) shoes i was sold....i even made trav find the same one's in men's so he could enjoy their amazingness with me....

8. And a new one of these....

Now we each have one for our hiking adventures!!!

Yep....i was a happy girl!!!! AND to top it all off me and the hubster are headed out to my grandparents cabin for a nice little weekend of hiking, fishing, biking and dog bar-ing!! Just the two of us....i'm pretty pumped!!!!


  1. Wooooooooooooooooo Trav!!!!

  2. Love the new word, i shall use it at least three times today. Congrats on all the positives, yay to you for the compliments, yay to trav on the raise, love me some asics, the best feeling ever is paying of credit cards (not gonna lie a little jeal), oh and thanks for the Jen Lancaster tip a few blogs ago, she is pee your pants, litterally LOL funny pretty much she is AMAZEBALLS!!!! 1 down 2 to go!!!