Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Our pictures!

This past weekend Trav and I headed down to my grandparents cabin in Cuchara. It had been ohhhh about 10 years since I'd been..... It's only about a three hour we're sort of kicking ourselves for not getting down there before now!!
This is the back porch....and the private pond stocked with Trout!!!

My grandma LOVES her fish. Says she's named them all.....

The locals call the cabin the "pizza hut" house!!

We got up early Saturday and did a little hiking!! (a 13er to be exact!!)

Brought the muts along.....they did surprisingly well!!

Poor Knox had to wear his sisters pink harness.

We made some friends along the way......this here is Marty the Marmot.

After about 3 hours we made it to the top!!! The dogs drank more water then we did!!

The views were AMAZING!!

But we were all a little tuckered out when we got home :)

Not too tuckered out for a little fishing though!!!

I'm a professional......

So naturally i caught the first fish!! (Grandma says this is Fred)

This would be my second catch of the day....trav was having a rough time!!

After 4 hours of perfecting our fishing skills, we got cleaned up and headed into town for some fun at the Dog bar!!!
It was such an amazing weekend!!! We fully intend on going back....SOON!!!


  1. Just found your site. Beautiful.

    And kudos on catching a fish...definately something I have never done!