Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bumpdate: 21 Weeks

How Far Along:  21 weeks and 3 days (10/25/2012) 18 weeks and 5 days to go!!!

Size of Baby M: Banana??? Again?? I'm confused? We'll just go with it I guess!

At the appointment this morning Baby M was weighing in at 15oz!!! Everyone loves a chunker :)

Weight: +0.8.  So we're at a gain of around 7.5 pounds.  Not too shabby.  Speaking of weight...we had our doctors appointment this morning.  I made sure they weighed me BEFORE i chugged the orange concoction and the gallons of water for the sono.  It was 4 pounds LESS then what they weighed me as last time (4 weeks ago!)....told you that damn number was WAY off!! This did prompt a speach from the doc...but i assured her i'm eating 3 meals a day and that it was just a matter of their scale being way off last time!  Their scale now says i've gained the same as what mine does....much better!

According to's weight gain chart...I'm a little low.  But don't you worry, i'll catch up....the holidays are coming :)

Exercise: Lots of happenings since last Thursday so didn't get in all my sessions, but managed 11!  Still going strong!  I'm just waiting for the day when running is no longer'll be a sad i'm taking advantage while i can!

Symptoms: Quite honestly, if my belly wasn't sticking out, and my boobs weren't a bijillion times bigger then normal...i'd have no idea I was pregnant.  Sometimes I worry that this has all just been too easy!!! No big complaints really this whole dang time!  Surely #2 will be a completely different story!

Cravings: Well the no candy thing made it till I got to Mel's.  She had candy corn and peanuts....bitch. (kidding LOVE YOU!).  I've let myself have a LITTLE bit of candy since then.  Not much at all.  I sure as shit ain't buying it.  That's never good.  Sorry trick-or-treaters, you will get nothing and like it!   Um, other then cravings really.  Still love grapes.  But that's just cause they're yummy!

Sleep: A little more energy this week!! Ok well maybe not THAT much.  I believe i was asleep by 9pm on Sunday and again on Monday.  But after that i was much better! I think i made it till 9:45 last out!!!  I keep waking up on my back...which is bizarre because i've never been a back sleeper.  Travis wakes me up a couple times a night to roll over....jerk. :)  Usually at least one bathroom trip....but that was the case pre-baby as well. 

Stretch Marks: No new ones...still lathering myself up three times a day :)

Gender: Reconfirmed today at out Anatomy scan....Baby M is most definetly a BOY!!!! Thank God...i'd have to spend a small fortune to mail back all the stuff we've bought!! We're pretty much decided on a name....but for the last couple days (thanks to Mel) i've been rethinking our 2nd option.  I doubt we switch it....we've been calling him by the first pick this whole time, so it would be hard to change.....but i do really like the 2nd.  And i'm worried it's going to get popular if I wait to use it for Baby boy #2.  Ohhhhh decisions decisions.

Do I look like a CJM or a D(?)M????? Whatcha think???

Maternity Attire: Mostly all my regular clothes.  I've worn a couple of my new shirts...but mainly because i wanted to wear something new and not because i needed to!  Work pants are becoming more and more of an issue.....why can't they just be low like jeans!!! Ugh. 

Looking Forward To: Some KState football this weekend!!! Mel and Sally will be in Manhattan, so not only do i get quality Mel time TWO WEEKS in a row, I get to see Ms. Sally and her adorable bump!!!!  To make it EVEN BETTER,  Meghan's visiting Kansas and will be at the game as well!!!....So many friends to see!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bumpdate: 20 WEEKS!! Halfway!!

How Far Along: 20 weeks and 2 days (10/17/2012) OMG HALFWAY!!!! That my crazy!

I'm convinced I'm shrinking...that's not good.

Size of Baby M: Banana!!! They start measuring from head to toe now instead of head to that's fun i guess!!!
I have a feeling Baby M is bigger then 10.6oz.  We'll know next week!!!

Weight: -1.0.  I see a pattern here.  Lose, Gain....weird.  Oh well.  That puts us back at a gain of 5.7lbs.
EDITED**** Weighed myself the very next day and it was back up 1.0.  So we're even with last week :)  Total of 6.7.  Told you it fluctuates likes crazy!!!!

Exercise: Still going strong!!!! Counting last Thursday and both of today's workouts, we managed 12 workouts!! I'm trying to incorporate more "light" lifting.  We'll see how long that lasts :)

Symptoms: Couple of leg cramps... but other then that, things have been peachy!

Cravings: Ummm i can't really think of anything i HAD to have this week.  Candy was bad.  Stupid Halloween.  But don't worry.  I'm off the wagon as of today.  (yesterday i had a little run in with a tootsie roll.  it made the decision to stop eating candy that much easier!!)  First we'll try the whole NO candy thing...if that gets to hard, we'll switch to no chewy/sticky candy (that can pull verniers out!).  Wish me luck. 

Sleep: Am i back in the first trimester??? Geesh.  I have been exhausted!!!! I swear there was a growth spurt.  Yesterday was finally a little better....hopefully it stays that way!

Stretch Marks: No new ones...still lathering myself up three times a day :)

Gender: Boy!!!! We shall verify next week at our anatomy scan...but surely they can't mistake the dangly parts :)
I just realized i never shared pics from last appointment..... my bad!!
That one is obviously proof that it's a boy....

His little toes!!!

Ok, this one's a little tougher to see.  It's a face shot.  Big round thing at bottom is his belly, with the little chambers (open looking spot) being his heart.  His head is obviously right about that...the two dark circles are his eye sockets...and then to the right of that is his little hand.  Everyone see that?? ok, moving on.

Movement: Lots.  Tons.  It's the most bizarre feeling, i sort of love it :)  Trav gets to feel him daily now, which i think makes him feel a little more included!!

Maternity Attire: I wore a maternity shirt the other day (one of the first one's i ordered...we discussed this, i ordered a small, thinking they'd run big...remember??).  But i'm pretty sure i will be able to wear it after baby m get's here as well....  maybe we'll check some maternity stores out while in OKC this weekend.  I'm sure that's exactly what Mel wants to do!!
Looking Forward To: Visiting the bestie in OKC!!! Trav and I will leave right after work Friday...and it can't get here soon enough!!! We don't really have an agenda...just lots of hanging out...some kstate football...and probably lots of eating :)  I. Can't. Wait.

Anatomy scan and glucose test in ONE week (well I'm not really looking forward to the test, but you know what i mean!) 

And we ordered carpet today for the basement...that's the final step!!!! So excited for it to be done!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bumpdate: 19 Weeks!

How Far Along: 19 weeks and 3 days (10/11/2012)  ALMOST HALFWAY!!!! 
PS. I feel ginormous today....
 Now let's do a little comparison for shits and giggles....
I'd say there's been a little growth :)

Size of Baby M:  A mango!!! Or 6.0 inches, 8.5 oz's!! He's getting big!!
Weight: I made up for the loss last week, and gained 1.6 pounds this week.  So we're up to a grand total of 6.7 pounds.  I feel like baby boy has been growing a lot lately i see this making a big ol jump soon!

Exercise: Keeping up with the running....i heart it all of a sudden.  Don't worry it won't last :)  Counting last Thursday and this mornings workout, we've made it 11 times.  (took Saturday off for game day!!)  People are starting to look at me's just going to get worse I'm sure!

Symptoms: This week has been good.  No ligament pain really.  No leg cramps.  I did have ridiculous side cramps the other day....not sure if that's related.  It was on my left side and lasted for like 2 was annoying as hell.  Later that night, we were using the Doppler, and couldn't find baby boy where he usually is (on the right, he's ALWAYS been to the right).  After some searching, he was all nuzzled (is that a word?) up on the left side.  So maybe that's why i had side aches...or it's just a weird coincidence...who knows.  Either way, he moved sides, and that's weird to me.  I'm really tired again....but that could just be the weather change.  Winter makes me sleepy....those bears are on to something with the whole hibernation thing!  There has been a TON of movement this week, a ton!!! It's the coolest thing....  Trav's got a few really good kicks the last couple of nights.  He just giggles like a little kid and gets the biggest shit eating grin on his face!! (sidenote;  that's a really gross saying, i should probably not use it!)  Last night, baby boy was being extra active, Trav was so stinking cute about actually made me cry to see him light up like that.  I can only imagine how I'll feel seeing him hold his son for the first time....swoooooon.  Oh and one last symptom.  The girls.  Growth spurt.  Again.  Ugh. 

Cravings: Nothing in particular really.  I just love candy.  That's not new.  The cold weather makes me want a nice hot latte more often then i need..... i have a schedule for those.  Mon. Wed. and Fri. mornings...1/2 caff.  Momma needs her fix :)  If we had a Starbucks, I'd be in big trouble!
Sleep: Everything has been peachy this week in the sleep department.  It's cold in our house, so that makes for great sleep, and cuddling :)  Still LOVING the Boppy pillow.  Trav steals it when i get up to go to the bathroom....he thinks he's funny.  For the record...he is not.

Stretch Marks: No new ones...i don't think.  I swear the one's on my hips from growing, are getting worse, but i think that's because I'm a pale ghost right now.  A tan would be lovely. 

Gender: As far as we know....he's still a boy.  If that's changed, we have a problem.

Movement: Previously discussed in symptoms....but yes, LOTS of movement. 

Maternity Attire: Alright.  So i went on the work pants hunt.  And i failed.  We ran into target this past weekend while in Manhattan, and it's official.  I'm not made to wear maternity pants.  They were just big.  The smalls fit in the butt and legs, but baggy in the crouch area.  Not a good look.  I'm hoping the one's I ordered from Gap will work better....if not, then i suppose I'll just stick to tights.  Oh, and a friend suggested a store in Hays...bella luna i think.  We'll be in Wakeeny this weekend for Gram's birthday, so i think we'll swing thru there on the way home and check it out.  Hopefully we find something!!

Looking Forward To: Anatomy scan and glucose test in two weeks (well I'm not really looking forward to the test, but you know what i mean!)  Working more on the nursery....  We put the crib together this week.  (Sidenote:  Pottery Barn makes that shit easy.  There were literally only 8 screws.  And it took trav and I all of 15 minutes to get it together!!)

We also received lots of packages in the mail this week!!  Lots of baby clothes....

And a real perty diaper bag :)

Trav also got a few fun things in the mail this week.... he ordered himself a diaper bag...

(he couldn't find a KSU one...sad day!)
Baby Boy also got a few Green Bay onesies, and a sleeper.  If this poor kid doesn't grow up loving all things KSU and Green Bay, i fear travis will be devastated :)  Speaking of KSU boy got a pretty sweet new jersey this weekend....

I just die.... it's too cute :)  Grandma McGuire also spoiled the little guy with a KState sleeper... he's not spoiled at all is he!!!

I've started to research all the other "equipment" we'll be needing.  Holy Hannah there's a lot!!! I think i have the carseat picked...but strollers are my struggle.  I want a BOB jogging stroller. But then i don't want to get another big one.  So i'd get the car seat adapter... and then maybe just one of those car seat carrier strollers for quick trips.  Ugh i don't know.  So many dang decisions.  Good thing i have a little bit of time :)
Well other then trying to refrain from spending more money on this kid...we have a pretty low key week ahead of us.  We'll be in Wakeeny Saturday, but other then that...HOME.  It'll be glorious.  Lots of laying on the couch, football on the tube, maybe some running, maybe some cleaning, and def. lots of snacking. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bumpdate: 18 Weeks

How Far Along: 18 weeks and 3 days (10/4/2012)
Size of Baby M: Sweet Potato, or Bell Pepper....depends on where you look!

Weight: -0.2.  So a total of 5.1 pounds so far.  I have no idea how i didn't gain like 3 pounds...i ate a LOT of cake this weekend.  And pumpkin kisses.  And cupcakes.  oh geesh i'm in trouble.

Exercise: Now that i'm all better the workouts have been great!! Counting last Thursday thru today, i managed 14 workouts!! Holla!! I was able to actually run outside for two of them...i forget how much more i enjoy running when it's not on the dreadmill!! Baby M and i have logged 20 miles since Saturday!  I'm totally itching to run a race, but trav won't let pooper.   It's not like i'd try and win....

Symptoms: I have no idea what it is...maybe a growth spurt.  But i am uncomfortable.  Moving around is not near as easy as it used to be....getting in/out of our super tall bed is becoming quite the chore.  Yes, i's only going to get worse!  Last night was my first experiance with the whole ligament pain thing.  Ouch.  It actually woke me up...and was sore to touch.  Weird, but again, i'm sure it'll get worse.  Oh and leg cramps.  No bueno.

Cravings: I don't think this is pregnancy related....but everything pumpkin.  I think it's just a fall thing.  Have you tried the Pumpkin Kisse??? OMG.  Still loving the fruit though....that's an expensive habit right there.

Sleep:  Good.  Besides waking up to leg cramps and ligament pain the other night.  Plus it's been a lot cooler at night so the windows have been open....i LOVE sleeping with the windows open! (as long as travis wakes up in the middle of the night and closes them before its 40 degrees in the house!)

Stretch Marks: No new ones. (fingers crossed it stays this way!)

Gender: Baby BOY!!!!! We have our anatomy scan next appointment (the 24th) so we'll double check then.  I had a horrible dream that they were all like....oh opps it's a girl.  I'd be happy with either...but this momma's already done some serious shopping!!!

Movement:  daily now! it's becoming more and more noticable.  especially when i'm sitting still, or when i first lay down in bed.  We were listening to him with the doppler (love that thing) last night and he was moving so much it was hard to keep the heart beat steady!  I even looked at travis and, i think it's windy in there!!! there was lots of whooosing going on.  I'm afraid we're going to have one active child. 

Maternity Attire: Still haven't worn any yet.  But after trying on several different pants this morning, i think i've decided i'll need to invest in some work maternity pants.  My jeans are all low enough they'll fit for probably the whole pregnancy, but my work pants sit higher.  It's super annoying because my bigger sized pants (i tend to keep all my pants when i lose or gain weight, that way i don't have to buy all new stuff with all my flucuations) are still too big and baggy everywhere but on the belly.  The pants that fit right everywhere else, are uncomfortable.  can't do the hair tie trick with dress pants....haven't tried the band yet, maybe that'll help.  any suggestions on the best maternity pants?? i'd prefer to not spend 100 bucks on a pair, but i'd also like to not look like a goon.  guess i could always get out the leggings (scary)

Looking Forward To:  Baby M's crib is here!!!! If i had it my way we would have put it together the second the fedex man dropped it off yesterday....but travis says no.  (are you seeing a theme here?).  We need to get the bed out of the room first, and right now our basement is a disaster with the we will wait till it's done.  Which will hopefully be by the end of November.  (wishful'll probably be more like January).  Lots of baby clothes to arrive in the mail this weekend!  Can't wait to get those sorted and hung up.  KSU vs KU this weekend in happy place :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend in Pics!

This weekend was all about family!!!

Friday night dinner with my mom's side of the family.  We did gender cupcakes :)

 Baby Lane does NOT like boys..... but he LOVED Trav.  Hopefully that's a good sign!!

Baby M and I did a lot of running this weekend!! We logged 12 miles between Saturday and Sunday!

 Poor neglected Lillie Anne :(  They spent most of the weekend outside enjoying the cooler weather.

 (these pics are from last weekend, i failed to take any this weekend!!)
The reason for the family all being in town....
As i mentioned before Bre and Ben got hitched last weekend in Boulder.  This weekend we celebrated with friends and family in Dodge!!

Me and Dad! He's pretty awesome!

The baby bump made it's appearance!

We got to meet Baby Bennett....he's pretty perfect!!

And we used the photo booth to announce to everyone else that Baby M is indeed a BOY!!!