Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bumpdate: 18 Weeks

How Far Along: 18 weeks and 3 days (10/4/2012)
Size of Baby M: Sweet Potato, or Bell Pepper....depends on where you look!

Weight: -0.2.  So a total of 5.1 pounds so far.  I have no idea how i didn't gain like 3 pounds...i ate a LOT of cake this weekend.  And pumpkin kisses.  And cupcakes.  oh geesh i'm in trouble.

Exercise: Now that i'm all better the workouts have been great!! Counting last Thursday thru today, i managed 14 workouts!! Holla!! I was able to actually run outside for two of them...i forget how much more i enjoy running when it's not on the dreadmill!! Baby M and i have logged 20 miles since Saturday!  I'm totally itching to run a race, but trav won't let pooper.   It's not like i'd try and win....

Symptoms: I have no idea what it is...maybe a growth spurt.  But i am uncomfortable.  Moving around is not near as easy as it used to be....getting in/out of our super tall bed is becoming quite the chore.  Yes, i's only going to get worse!  Last night was my first experiance with the whole ligament pain thing.  Ouch.  It actually woke me up...and was sore to touch.  Weird, but again, i'm sure it'll get worse.  Oh and leg cramps.  No bueno.

Cravings: I don't think this is pregnancy related....but everything pumpkin.  I think it's just a fall thing.  Have you tried the Pumpkin Kisse??? OMG.  Still loving the fruit though....that's an expensive habit right there.

Sleep:  Good.  Besides waking up to leg cramps and ligament pain the other night.  Plus it's been a lot cooler at night so the windows have been open....i LOVE sleeping with the windows open! (as long as travis wakes up in the middle of the night and closes them before its 40 degrees in the house!)

Stretch Marks: No new ones. (fingers crossed it stays this way!)

Gender: Baby BOY!!!!! We have our anatomy scan next appointment (the 24th) so we'll double check then.  I had a horrible dream that they were all like....oh opps it's a girl.  I'd be happy with either...but this momma's already done some serious shopping!!!

Movement:  daily now! it's becoming more and more noticable.  especially when i'm sitting still, or when i first lay down in bed.  We were listening to him with the doppler (love that thing) last night and he was moving so much it was hard to keep the heart beat steady!  I even looked at travis and, i think it's windy in there!!! there was lots of whooosing going on.  I'm afraid we're going to have one active child. 

Maternity Attire: Still haven't worn any yet.  But after trying on several different pants this morning, i think i've decided i'll need to invest in some work maternity pants.  My jeans are all low enough they'll fit for probably the whole pregnancy, but my work pants sit higher.  It's super annoying because my bigger sized pants (i tend to keep all my pants when i lose or gain weight, that way i don't have to buy all new stuff with all my flucuations) are still too big and baggy everywhere but on the belly.  The pants that fit right everywhere else, are uncomfortable.  can't do the hair tie trick with dress pants....haven't tried the band yet, maybe that'll help.  any suggestions on the best maternity pants?? i'd prefer to not spend 100 bucks on a pair, but i'd also like to not look like a goon.  guess i could always get out the leggings (scary)

Looking Forward To:  Baby M's crib is here!!!! If i had it my way we would have put it together the second the fedex man dropped it off yesterday....but travis says no.  (are you seeing a theme here?).  We need to get the bed out of the room first, and right now our basement is a disaster with the we will wait till it's done.  Which will hopefully be by the end of November.  (wishful'll probably be more like January).  Lots of baby clothes to arrive in the mail this weekend!  Can't wait to get those sorted and hung up.  KSU vs KU this weekend in happy place :)

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