Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bumpdate: 21 Weeks

How Far Along:  21 weeks and 3 days (10/25/2012) 18 weeks and 5 days to go!!!

Size of Baby M: Banana??? Again?? I'm confused? We'll just go with it I guess!

At the appointment this morning Baby M was weighing in at 15oz!!! Everyone loves a chunker :)

Weight: +0.8.  So we're at a gain of around 7.5 pounds.  Not too shabby.  Speaking of weight...we had our doctors appointment this morning.  I made sure they weighed me BEFORE i chugged the orange concoction and the gallons of water for the sono.  It was 4 pounds LESS then what they weighed me as last time (4 weeks ago!)....told you that damn number was WAY off!! This did prompt a speach from the doc...but i assured her i'm eating 3 meals a day and that it was just a matter of their scale being way off last time!  Their scale now says i've gained the same as what mine does....much better!

According to's weight gain chart...I'm a little low.  But don't you worry, i'll catch up....the holidays are coming :)

Exercise: Lots of happenings since last Thursday so didn't get in all my sessions, but managed 11!  Still going strong!  I'm just waiting for the day when running is no longer'll be a sad i'm taking advantage while i can!

Symptoms: Quite honestly, if my belly wasn't sticking out, and my boobs weren't a bijillion times bigger then normal...i'd have no idea I was pregnant.  Sometimes I worry that this has all just been too easy!!! No big complaints really this whole dang time!  Surely #2 will be a completely different story!

Cravings: Well the no candy thing made it till I got to Mel's.  She had candy corn and peanuts....bitch. (kidding LOVE YOU!).  I've let myself have a LITTLE bit of candy since then.  Not much at all.  I sure as shit ain't buying it.  That's never good.  Sorry trick-or-treaters, you will get nothing and like it!   Um, other then cravings really.  Still love grapes.  But that's just cause they're yummy!

Sleep: A little more energy this week!! Ok well maybe not THAT much.  I believe i was asleep by 9pm on Sunday and again on Monday.  But after that i was much better! I think i made it till 9:45 last out!!!  I keep waking up on my back...which is bizarre because i've never been a back sleeper.  Travis wakes me up a couple times a night to roll over....jerk. :)  Usually at least one bathroom trip....but that was the case pre-baby as well. 

Stretch Marks: No new ones...still lathering myself up three times a day :)

Gender: Reconfirmed today at out Anatomy scan....Baby M is most definetly a BOY!!!! Thank God...i'd have to spend a small fortune to mail back all the stuff we've bought!! We're pretty much decided on a name....but for the last couple days (thanks to Mel) i've been rethinking our 2nd option.  I doubt we switch it....we've been calling him by the first pick this whole time, so it would be hard to change.....but i do really like the 2nd.  And i'm worried it's going to get popular if I wait to use it for Baby boy #2.  Ohhhhh decisions decisions.

Do I look like a CJM or a D(?)M????? Whatcha think???

Maternity Attire: Mostly all my regular clothes.  I've worn a couple of my new shirts...but mainly because i wanted to wear something new and not because i needed to!  Work pants are becoming more and more of an issue.....why can't they just be low like jeans!!! Ugh. 

Looking Forward To: Some KState football this weekend!!! Mel and Sally will be in Manhattan, so not only do i get quality Mel time TWO WEEKS in a row, I get to see Ms. Sally and her adorable bump!!!!  To make it EVEN BETTER,  Meghan's visiting Kansas and will be at the game as well!!!....So many friends to see!!!!!!!


  1. I will love him no matter what you name him! But I'll probably also be a jerk, and say "Oh, he looks more like a (whatever you didn't name him)." Ya welcome!

  2. cute little bump:) new follower! I'm 3 days behind you in pregnancy and having a boy as well! Cute blog:)