Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Declan - 14 months

(Wrote May 6th, 2014)

Weight: 28lbs
Height: 32.5in.

This year is flying by...I can't believe it's already May!!! But I sure am getting excited for the summer, and all the fun trips to the pool we're going to take! (I said that last summer too, and we went once).

Still wearing size 4 diapers.  Although I think we probably could make the switch to 5's soon.  We did with your night time diapers and they seem to work just fine!  Clothes wise you are mostly in 18mo stuff.  You can wear 12 month pants...short stubby legs :)  Shoes are a 5, (wide if it's an option!).

Still a good little eater.  Although I must won't give up the baby food.  I'm not sure what the age is where it's frowned upon to still feed your child level 3 baby food....but if we're still doing in when your 5 i'm drawing a line! Honestly i think it's because you like to play and can't seem to be bothered to feed yourself so you just want us to spoon feed you.  And naturally, we oblige. You do love to snack though (wonder where you get that).  Teddy Grahams, gold fish, grapes (your fave), oranges, and anything everyone else is eating.  At Gramme's you get lots of fun treats that mom and dad don't give little debbie's. You LOVE swiss cake rolls (who doesn't?)

This past month we left you.  Yep.  Mom and Dad took a little vacay and left you.  Sorry son, but it was glorious :)  We went on a drug company trip to Ojai California.  This trip is our fave....mainly because every year the two companies that take us, pull out all the stops and wine and dine us like crazy!!!! Tons of good food, constant free drinks, awesome activities, and some learning as well!  I hope they do this trip every year till the end of time....cause momma likes. You stayed with Gramme and Papa....and had the flu.  Secretly i'm happy it happened this way.  Don't tell my mom.  You got sick Saturday, literally an hour after left you there. You only threw up the one time, but it wasn't so pretty on the other end for several days.  You ran a little bit of a fever, so we had to take you in to see Doctor Presley.  He confirmed that it was in fact just the flu and there were no signs of an ear infection (thank God, because tubes would have to happen if that were the case, and i don't feel like you want to have surgery again anytime soon right?).  By the time we got home Wednesday night you were pretty much back to yourself....we timed this perfectly :)

The next weekend we loaded back up in the car and made a quick trip to Denver!  It was your first mapping (see below for explanation!) appointment since activation and we were super excited to see how Jackie thought you were doing.

Brief explanation of Mapping for those not familiar (everyone!)
MAPs are programs that help to optimize the cochlear implant user’s access to sound by adjusting the input to the electrodes on the array that is implanted into the cochlea.  While each cochlear implant company has different terminology, different programming strategies, and different capacities for various MAPs on their processors, the basic ideas behind MAPping hold true for all three FDA-approved brands.  The cochlear implant processor is connected to the audiologist’s computer for MAPping.  Using a series of “beeps,” and measuring the CI user’s response , the audiologist sets T- and C- levels for each electrode.  T-Levels, or Thresholds, are the softest sounds the CI users can detect.  C-Levels (also sometimes called M-Levels), are Comfortable loudness levels that are tolerable for the CI user.  The audiologist might also adjust the stimulation rate or programming strategy used for the MAP — these refer to the various computer algorithms and programs used to translate acoustic sound (what people with typical hearing perceive) into the correct combination of electrode stimulations to give the cochlear implant user that same sensation of sound.

Everyone totally understand now? No?? Me neither... but moving along.  You're appointment went GREAT! Honestly this was more emotional for me than the initial activation.  We put you in the booth and tested your reactions (with both sides on this time, next time we will do one at a time) and ohhhh man it was awesome.  You exceeding all expectations that Jackie had.(duh, you're awesome) We turned you up a little (this is your 4th program) and set the next two! We'll change them once a week until we go back May 10th.  

We celebrated your 2nd Easter! You're still a little young to get into all the festivities, but you at least enjoy getting new toys :)  We went to Easter Service and put you in the daycare for the first time.  You didn't seem to mind it.  In fact you didn't even cry when we left you there....which worries me, since you do that every damn day at daycare.  My guess is you were distracted by all the new toys and people that you didn't even notice i left.  The lady did say after a while you noticed and wandered around looking for me that made me feel better.

You also cheered Mom and Dad on in their first joint 1/2 marathon!! I wish i could say it went well...but it didn't.  Well not for me anyway! You and I both had been dealing with a horrible cold...cough, runny nose, stuffed up...all that fun stuff. We both were on antibiotics at this point but unfortunately mine didn't work as well as yours :(  I had to stop a couple of times and cough up a lung, or blow my nose.  But i still finished! And that's what's important...finish what you start! BUT your dad ROCKED it.  I am soooo proud of him! You were too...i just know it.

Time needs to slooooow down.  You are growing up so fast...learning so much everyday.  It's been amazing to watch you discover new things...especially sounds! We are SO VERY blessed to call you ours...We love you to the moon and back buddy...

Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Favorites

It's been forever since i've posted about something other then Dec's monthly updates.... so i thought i'd do some Friday Favorites!

1.  It's Friday.  Duh.  That makes everyone happy!! This week has been a loooooong one.  Dec and I are both super sick.  We've had the world's worst cold since last week...and it appears to have turned into sinusitis.  FUN! We're both on antibiotics hopefully by tomorrow we're feeling better!
(only the medical ones mmmmmmk?)

2. Warmer weather... It's supposed to start warming up this weekend.  Although 90 is a bit's better then 50 and 30mph wind. 

May 2


May 3


May 4


3.  Prairie Fire Half Marathon.  I'm not sure if i'm happy about this or not. But it's happening. Sunday.  When it's supposed to be 98 in Wichita.  And I've been sick for a week.  And and many excuses as to why this is going to suck.  But i'm going to do it.  I just have to be ok with the fact that i'm not going to PR or anything fancy like that.  I just need to focus on not dying.  Oh and Trav's running this with me.  It'll be his first one, so hopefully he doesn't die either! (or beat me!)

4. Cochlear Implants.  Oh man....we are SOOOOO thankful for this technology.  We've just been in awe of how well Declan is doing.  How much he's hearing, and responding.  He's making so many new noises too... most importantly he's getting SO close to saying Momma :)

5. This Guy.
(Chasing Declan around with the shopping cart!)

With both Declan and I being sick this past week, he's been in Super Dad mode.  He's the world's best nose sucker outer, medicine giver, snuggler, eye wiper in the whole wide world :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!