Saturday, August 10, 2013

Declan - 5 months

(Only a week late this time....bad mom)

Weight:  17lbs (home scale)
Height: 25in (guessing on this one!)

4 month photo vs. 5 month.  I'd say we did a bit of growing :)  Look at those man boobs....i mean really!!! You decided to up the eating this past month. I'm not sure if this had anything to do with teething, but it all happened around the same time.  You went from eating every 2.5-3 hours to about every hour and a half.  You're tearing through momma's frozen milk supply pretty dang quick!  We're actually giving you some formula here and don't seem to care what you eat, as look as you get to eat!

Speaking of eating, you've tried some sweet potato's that momma made you.  First try, you really didn't care for them! Second and third attempt you started to come around!!  I can tell you're going to love to eat just like you mom and dad!

You are wearing size 2 diapers.... and I'm afraid you won't be in those long at the rate that you are growing!  I am refraining from stocking up, because I know the second i do, you'll switch sizes on me! You are wearing mostly 3-6 month clothes, some 6 month mixed in there as well!  I can still get 3 month pants/shorts on you as well.  But I'm really trying to get you in all the 3-6 since you're growing so fast, don't want to waste any cute clothes :)
You are doing so well with your sitting up.... it won't be long until you can do it unassisted!! We're working on the rolling over from your back to your tummy.  You've done it before, but you just don't care to do it near as much as you like to roll from your tummy to your back!
You've also starting standing (with help obviously!).  You used to HATE when we'd try to make you stand.  You would automatically buckle your knees and smile at're a turd.

You've almost outgrown your travel pack n' play.  I really don't want to have to lug around the big one,  but we'll make it work!  Maybe you could just stop growing and then we wouldn't have these kinds of problems. 
(staring contest with the toy.  you won)

You're doing SO much better at traveling!! And you have done A LOT of that!  Our latest trip was to KC so momma could go to a work training!! Your Gramme came along, and you guys shopped till you dropped while i was busy!! You love to shop.  You love to look at all the colors, and the cute baby in all the mirrors!

You're adjusting well to your hearing aids.  I think they bother us more then they bother you.  I think it's silly that you even have to wear them, when we know they aren't helping...but we gotta do what the insurance company says!  You've made a lot of new friends lately that are helping you with your ears.... We see Wanda at home once a week, Dena in Wichita once a month and Dr. Kryzer every few months up there as well.  We've also met a lot of other families that have little kiddo's with hearing conditions too!! We're part of a parent group in Wichita and I can't wait to see you running around with all the other kids getting into trouble :)

You're still staying with Gramme every day while mom and dad go to work.  You're pretty smitten with her...which just makes my heart happy!! You guys go on morning walks, hang outside on a blanket under the tree, and swing in your new swing that we hung for you!  I think in September you may start going to our friend Lynde's twice a week.  We think you'll benefit from some interaction with other kids, and I'm sure Gramme (although she won't admit it) could use a break!  You're buddy James goes to Lynde, so I'm sure we'll be getting phone calls in the future telling us all about the trouble you two cause!!

You have TWO teeth!!!!! Your front bottom teeth are both in, and you spend most of your time messing with them!! You love to have your hand in your mouth...and when that's not in there, you're running your tongue along them! You haven't been that fussy through this whole process and for that I am very thankful!  You have a little bump up top, so i think you're working on that one now!! I can't believe you have're growing up way to dang fast!
This past month you got to see a lot of family!!! We visited Bridget and Gage while we were in KC.  We sure do wish they lived closer, I think you two boys are going to be best buds! We also had the Doll family reunion this month, and your Aunt Breezy came back for it!! She soaked up all the time she could with you!!  Aunt Sadie was home at the beginning of the month as you've been a little spoiled this past month!!  We can't wait for our family trip to Brek in two weeks.... you'll get to spend TONS of time with both of them! (and uncle ben too!!)

You're such a little talker.  You tell stories all the time, and can get pretty animated!  You have a REALLY high pitched scream you'll do when you're really getting into it.  It's pretty cute!  You're Poppa Steve can get you going pretty good too.... You just laugh and laugh at his funny faces!

Still sleeping all night!!! (Woot woot!!)  Every now and then you'll cry in the middle of the night, but I think that's just been because of your teeth.  You don't actually wake up, you just cry or whimper in your sleep....nothing a pacifier can't fix!  You're still going down around 9 or 930 and getting up around 7.  You'll just lay in your crib and jabber...telling stories and doing your dolphin kicks! (you're still swaddled so you look like a a dolphin when you kick!)  You are the happiest little guy in the morning, and I love that we get to spend some time together every morning before I drop you off at Gramme's! Dad gets a little jealous sometimes!

There isn't really any words to express just how happy you make me and your dad.  You are our biggest accomplishment, and we couldn't possibly love you any more!!!   To the moon and back the moon and back :)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Races, Rappers, and Reunions!

(First of all I apologize to those who follow me on Instagram...all repeat pics. Boo me)

Last week was a big, busy and exhausting week for me.  It started July 20th...Saturday.  I left Dodge at 9am and would not return until about 4pm 8 days later.

I hitched a ride with my good ol cuz Jess to the airport in Wichita, where we high tailed it to Chicago to meet up with both of my sisters and her high school friend Brandt.  (PS, SW Airlines coming to Wichita is pretty damn convenient if you ask me!)  The rest of Saturday consisted of me having to pump and dump several times in public restrooms (boo), a super quick visit to a race expo, and a peanut eating frenzy at Brandt's super swanky Chicago pad!!

Sunday started at 4:40 in the AM.  GROSS!!! This momma had to get up to pump before waking the other two sisters to head off to the race starting line.  Bre and Sadie were the sane sisters, and signed up for the mini marathon (5K).  I may of may not have had a major freak out in good ol corral 13.  Sure did cry... I was so nervous and to be completely honest, did NOT want to run 13.1 miles.  I had NOT properly trained for it.  The furthest I'd ran since having Declan was 7 miles. Plus I was tired...and it was humid.... and every other excuse you can think of.  But I paid damn good money, and i wasn't about to chicken out (thought crossed my mind a billion times though!).  So i did the damn thing.  And it SUCKED....but a good sucked.  And that is why i'm signed up for two more this year.  Damn running endorphins get me every time.

I wasn't super mad about my finish time either.  I was prepared for it to be longer then my first RnR Chicago time (from two years ago) mainly because of the lack of training and the whole just have had a baby 4 months ago thing... but surprisingly I beat that old time by 1 full minute!!! I'll take it!!  So now my goal for the race in September is to TRAIN....and to beat my old time by 5 minutes.  We'll see how that goes!

The rest of Sunday consisted of all $24 all you can drink mimosa's/bloody's, and breakfast.  It was the perfect after race celebration!! Then a nap had to happen of course.  And then dinner...and then bed by like 10.  We're wild :)

Monday:   Lots of FaceTime with my cutey (damn i missed that kid) and shopping for a concert outfit.  Why is shopping for something that you need that night so hard?  If i had gone shopping and NOT needed anything, i would have found a billion awesome items...but nope, the second i need something can't find anything.  Sigh.  Anywho...then it was off to see our dear friends Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z.

Um.  All i have to say about this concert is. Hells ya.  Those two sure as shit know how to throw a party.  It was by far the BEST concert I've been to.  It was in Soldier Field (Chicago Cubs play there) and it was a packed house.  I may have drank too much (shocking)...and wore the worst shoes possible for the million mile trek home.  Therefore, i still have blisters almost two weeks later....I'm a smart cookie.

Tuesday morning Jess and I flew back into Wichita, where my mom and D-man met me!!! I was SO excited to see my little guy....  he was so excited to see me as excited he crashed immediately :)

We headed up to KC, where I had a training Wednesday and Thursday.  We may have over packed.

Mom and Dec did a lot of shopping during the day while i was in training...but we got in as much snuggle time as we could in the evenings.  Declan did so well with all the traveling, shopping and being carted from place to place....he's such a trooper!

(First time facing forward in the Baby Bjorn, he was pretty happy about it!)
We stopped by Kyle and Bridget's on the way out of town Thursday night to visit little G-man.  Gage is too stinking cute!!! I wish we lived closer so the boys could grow up's probably for the best though... i think they'd cause us all to have premature grey hair!!

Next up was Lawrence to spend Thursday night with my mom's bestie....and to do some Christmas shopping (if i spread it out, trav won't freak out as much at all the money i spend!).  As much as I hate to admit it, I really do like that town.  Travis described it's a gold nugget covered in shit.    Well said hun...well said.

Friday afternoon we made our way to Wichita for the Fred Doll reunion.  And to finally be reunited with Dad! (Trav).  My sister flew in from Denver as well.... 

Lots of snuggles for Bre!

My little family

It was a fun weekend of catching up with family!! We also did a little more shopping....and of course a visit to Orange Leaf :)

As fun as all my adventure's were....I was more then ready to be home.  Sleep in my own bed.  And eat a home cooked meal!!!