Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I'm notorious for splurging.  Most of the time i'm pretty reasonable....if not cheap.  I usually can't bring myself to spend $50 on a shirt or $150 on jeans.  I like my clearance American Eagle $30 jeans and $10 tee's just fine.  But sometimes....when the mood strikes....or when i am just in a "oh F it" kind of mood....i splurge (Hello Coach purse!).  And splurge we did this weekend.

We like K-State and we  like to make sure people know it by wearing at least one KSU item daily.  We also single-handedly like to keep Kansas Sampler and Varney's in business.  Your welcome.


Trav mentioned he wanted a new gun.  Usually i'd be like....ohhhh ok hun, someday we'll look into that.  But nope not this weekend.  I said...Ok, let's go get one then (enter confused look from husband).  So we did.

You get a gun, I get a diamond of equal or higher value. 

We justified the last two by saying they were our anniversary gifts to eachother....or maybe that's how i justified it to Travis....i would have done it anways ;)

(the first one needs no justification, i feel that at least 15% of our earnings should go towards KState clothes/tickets/hats/shoes/posters/wallpaper/tattoo's/parking spaces)

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  1. How are you gonna one up these next anniversary? I think you should buy Bill Snyder stadium!!! Ha! Happy anniversary!