Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cause we're the FIVE best friends that anyone could have.....

Have i mentioned that i LOVED college?? Oh i have?? once or twice??? no way!!! Well just to reiterate (i never claimed to be a spelling genius....just saying) the fact....


So much in fact....i stayed for 6 years. No i'm not a doctor, no i didn't get my masters (unless a masters in partying counts), i just took my sweet time..... and along the way i made what i consider the coolest friends EVER. Recently we just finalized our plans for a girls weekend....i'm shocked its actually happening. Not because we don't like eachother and don't miss eachother..... mainly because we're a bunch of lazy dead broke adults now :) The first weekend of June we'll be headed to KC (well i'll be headed there via flying contraptions, and two others will be driving from Wichita, the other two lucky bastards live there). We have ambitious plans.... Royals game, Piano bar, Brewery tour, maybe a family portrait a JCPenny's......and of course lots of cocktails and gossip time!! I am sooooooo flipping excited for it i could just hurt someone (opps, sorry trav). I shall now share some of my lovely college (ohhhh college) memories with you.....that include the 4 best friends a girl could ask for. I shall commentate to the best of my abilities at each close attention there will be a quiz later.
Just so you know, if Amanda (one in the maroon) and I had never had Stats together, and randomly been each others partners, none of these friendships would have happened. Thanks Stats..... ok so Amanda and I needed roomates, and took a leap of faith (only having known eachother briefly) and decided to live togeter..... here we are at our house with Mel.... i'd just like to mention that they're BOTH wearing my clothes....a common theme.
Ok....i must now point out the time old tradition that is the DRYERS. If you aggieville.... and like a good giggle. DO THIS. A few pointers....turn off the heat first, and hold on for dear life!

I feel like this is when Jenna was new to the group. (stripped shirt). Met her through a friend of my boyfriends at the time....Thanks Mark. This is also the point in our lives where Mel began being a boring old lady and not going out :)

Yes, Mel's shirt is, none of us told her :) I believe we're predrinking here..... aren't my friends perty??? i think so!

This is rusty's..... is this the night we were betting on a chick fight??? too many nights there...can't keep them apart!!

Awwwww, yes....there's Savannah...she was a late joiner...she got lucky and we voted her in :) We were on the road, headed to Lawrence for a KSU KU basketball game. It was guite the adventure i must say!

This may be BY FAR one of my favorite days in college....(i was there for 6 years, so that's a big deal!). Mel and I were a little hungover so we went to lunch at P-hut buffet (another college staple). **Side-note, mel had previously mentioned to me that for spring break she was going to try out being an alcoholic** Walking back to the car there's a sign for like $2 shots or something. I (jokingly of course) say "Hey mel, let's go take some shots!"....she laughs at me and gets in the car..... me: "if you're going to be an alcoholic mel you better man the F up".....Mel slams the car and park and tells me to get my ass out. i was scared....if you've ever angered mel you'd know why. So i get out....suprisingly she doesn't peel out and leave me there....she gets out too. Long story short.....we took a poll on what guys think about "just the tip", went to the eye dr. drunk, thought i had diabetes and ditched class...after going and leaving everything there.

Long Islands on a Tuesday with my lovely Savannah.....Gold Fork was awesome.....i'm sad it's gone :(

I pretend graduated!!! (walked in may of 06 didn't technically graduate for like a semester or 3 later). We're at Lemmy's (YUM-O pizza) celebrating!!

Enjoy savannah's long hair.....cause we'll NEVER see it again!! Random night at Tubby's....

Ahhhhh our Valentines Day shirts.....By far one of my favorite we made. It says..."Friends Don't let Friends Date Losers".... I had just got done dating a Loser..... weird.

HipHip HORRAY it's Fake St. Patty's Day!!!!! Our last one while we lived in Manhattan.

They traveled all the way to Dodge City for my Bridal Shower!!! They're first comment getting out of the car...."It F*cking STINKS!!!" Ha.

And our last group gathering....Ms. Amanda's Wedding in Wichita!! We clean up nicely don't we!


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  1. 1. LOVE!
    2. I need to work on my photogenic skills.
    3. I can't wait for June!