Monday, March 1, 2010

St. Louis.....FINALLY!!

Sorry it's taken me a while to get this post done. It's been a crazy week since the trip!! But more on that, St. Louis!!!

I had a flight that needed to be used and I thought St. Louis would be perfect! Sarah and her family have been out there for um over three years i believe....and i've only been once. Sad....very very sad. Originally Jess was going to tag along as well....since she lived in KC and it wasn't that far..... but then she moved and got a job that takes up ohhhhh about 80% of her time, so she was out. So it would be just little ol me..... or so Sarah thought!! Jess contacted me about a month earlier and said she thought it would be fun to try and surprise Sarah. Right.... surprise sarah....ha. You can't get anything past that girl..... she's good. Sooooo some how jess got off, and made arrangements....and the next thing you know she's showing up at Sarah and I's sushi reservation!!! Good times Good times.....

"Oh Hey Guys!!"....Sarah pondering who in the world would know her her.


"OH MY GOSH!!!!"

"What are you doing here!!!

Hurray for a successful Birthday Surprise!

So after all that excitement we headed to a comedy show.... i heart comedy shows. I especially like when the opening act is soooo akward that all me and sarah could do was look at jessi.....and make her uncomfortable!! It was a lot of fun though.... all and all, i great little friday!!

Saturday we got up and headed out to do some damage at the mall!! Jess misses having a mall...well a mall that has more then JCPenny's and Stage :)

"PLEEEEEESE mom can i have these!!!!" if shopping wasn't enough excitement for one day....we headed to watch Little Miss Rileigh get her cheer on!!! She's sooooo stinking cute....and pretty good too i might add.

So after a little cheer, we did a little more shopping...then home to prepare ourselves for the exciting evening we were about to embark on.... wanna know what we did???? Have you seen Whip it? Ya, me neither....but apparently it has a lot of this is in!!

That's right..... we went to the Roller derby!!! I have to admit....i was scared. These people take this seriously....tailgating and all. It was really entertaining.... and even though it was tough to follow at first, i think i got the jist of it. We headed out to a local bar after that with Sarah's babysitter.... who is officially a good time!!

It was a great trip....a great great trip. So great in fact we've decided to make it yearly.....

I'll update you on the move when i'm done being annoyed and mad about it.

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