Monday, March 22, 2010

Resolution Recap.....FAIL!

You remember right? It's the beginning of January and we all did the posts about what we were going to change this year..... with the greatest intentions..... this was going to be the year we DID IT!! umm......i don't know about you guys.....but it's been an epic FAIL over here.

We'll start with Trav's.....

1. Watch less TV. Well the good news is we're not watching more tv....just not less :)

2. Get to the Mountains more. I can happily say.....we've accomplished this!! We've been ohhhh about 20 times this year so far.....and we'll hopefully make it a few more!!

3. Photography..... um...... ya. About that. We've gotten the new camera out maybe a total of 4 times since we got it..... FAIL.

4. Meet more people. Well....i won't say we've done crappy at this, but i can' say we've done amazing as well. We did go out with Trav's work crew for St. Patty', but not fun the next know what i mean!!

5. Start a Family. Welp..... i'm not knocked up yet, so i'd say this is a fail as well. We're working on it people....working on it real hard :) on to mine. Pretty much the same story here.

1. Eat Healthier. Yesterday i had McDonlads for breakfast and Chinese for the hell does it sound like i'm doing!!!

2. Lift more weights.'s the situation with that. By the time i get off work and make it to the gym i want to get my 45 minutes of cardio in and call it a day. I'm super duper bad about legs....i figure all that cardio should count right?? SO maybe once a week, twice if i'm feeling fiesty, i'll get some arms in. I'm not sure the last time i did abs...... and it's almost April.... i hope i'm pregnant by the summer so i have an excuse to not look killer in a suit!!!

3. Church. Ohhhhhh can i just tell you that i have a great excuse for this one too!! If we're going to make it to the mountains more (Trav's goal number 2) we had to give up saturdays or sundays....and it tends to be sundays. I know...there is services on Saturday nights.....but um.... no. So ya....FAIL here as well. (you may need to start praying for my soul at some point)

4. Cussing. Do i even need to tell you how the F this is going???? I didn't f'ing think so.

5. Friends....previously mentioned in attention.

6. Baby. Ugh.....No. For those of you that know me well, know i become obsessed rather quickly. Something to do with my OCD i'm assuming :) Mix that with my ohhhhhhh so amazing patience, and you got one hell of a BabyDrivenPsycho right here!!

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