Friday, March 5, 2010

The love shack

So as i mentioned previously we just had the joy of moving..... and what a joy it was!! Turns out the people that own the house we moved into (also were the ones living there before) have NEVER heard of a cleaner....or even a dyson. That place was GROSS!!! Which made moving ohhhhh so much more fun! Twice the space to clean....twice the grumpy me! Anywho....i thought i'd share some pics..... enjoy my little creepsters :)

Here it all it's glory!!!

First thing when you walk the left. The bedrooms are on the left way, and the bathroom is on the back wall.

My dressing room....where i pamper myself daily!

Mirror Mirrow on the wall.......

THis would be where Trav gets ready....that's why it's a!

The Laundry/Mud/Dog room....GO CATS!!

The whole flipping reason we moved here.....THE YARD!! the muts are loving it!

It's small....but it works!! it's in a great location with TONS of stuff we're just about a 10 minutes jaunt (is that a word even!) to downtown!! Sooooo start planning your trips to see me...i'll be waiting!

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