Friday, May 28, 2010

I'm a fibber...and bear.

I lied. Well technically I haven't lied yet....but i'm guessing it's gonna happen. Member two posts down when i said i was going to not drink this weekend...... and you all laughed. Well DAMN YOU ALL!! It's a holiday weekend..... BBQ's....pools...... REALLY!!!! We didn't partake in our usually Thirsty Thursday, and that in itself is an acomplishment. So maybe i'll just go with that. No more thirsty steps ya'll. I don't really for see a whole lot of drinking happening this weekend anyways. We opted out of going to Estes with my friend Elyse. Thought we'd enjoy a nice quite weekend at home.......should have known better. I think my husband has been talked into camping (not by me of course!) Saturday night.....on the mountain....where there are bears. They can smell the menstration you know!!! **I will check and double check with all females involved that there is none of this going on...or i'm out** Then waking up at what i'm sure will be a RETARDEDLY early hour to hike..... this won't just be a hike around the bottom of the mountain....ohhhhhhhhhh no. We're doing a 14er. Meaning it's higher then 14,000 feet. Denver is high enough at one mile.....but noooooo we've got to test that out. It takes ALL day. So you have to start early so you don't get snowed on (WTF it's 90 degrees at the bottom!) and to make sure your back down by dark (bears....lots and lots of bears). I'm excited (Ha!)....nervous (bears!!)...... and ummmmm ya that's it, excited and nervous. So if you don't hear from me after this weekend it's safe to assume one of several options...... 1. I was eaten by a bear. 2. Travis pushed me off the mountain because i wouldn't stop talking about the bears. 3. I started my period while on the mountain and became a snack....of the bears. 4. I ran into Baloo and decided bears weren't all that bad after all and i'd just stick with them.
Hope you all have a Fan-freaking-tastic Memorial Weekend. Try to act like the responsible adults that I know you all are :) MUAH!

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