Monday, May 10, 2010

My slice of in Denver!!

Alright.... i'm going to let you in on a secret...... are you ready???

I LOVE Frozen Yogurt.

I mean....I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

In Manhattan there was a TCBY at the mall.... like i needed ANOTHER reason to be at the mall all the time :) But i was said to discover that the only TCBY within driving distance to me out at the airport. Let's be real here people.... i'm not going to the airport JUST for yogurt... instead i just schedule pointless trips and pack a bag, all for the LOVE of my TCBY. So just the other day there i was....laying aroung day dreaming about frozen yogurt when i got the urge to google it. (i've done this many of times! and am alwasy disappointed when it STILL says DIA is the closest!!) HOLD THE PHONE!!!!! Does that say what i think it does??????? YEP.... about 5 minutes from my house.....A TCBY!!! (insert angels singing....LOUD!!) I thought maybe it was a joke....i wouldn't put it past my husband to take out a phone number and fake address add on google just to get me all excited. So i called.....ohhhh they're real people.....they're real!!!! Of course i wanted to go right then....Sunday at 7:45pm..... and of course they close at 8. With promises of going a different day i let that one go..... but man oh man did i have some AMAZING yogurt dreams that night!'s been a week. And i've YET to have my TCBY (trav doesn't like it so that complicates the whole deal!) But....there i was..... walking around CHerry Creek mall like I actually belong there (with negative bank account....i do not!). When this broad strolled past me....with a bright pink cup..... and eating what i could swear looked like yogurt. Well that just must be ice cream...cause i would KNOW if there were some kind of yogurt place here...... MAN WAS I WRONG!! (write that down, it won't happen again.


Look closely folks...... right there!!! Self serve yogurt.....of many many flavors..... AND....wait for it....wait for it...... self serve toppings!!!!! I just died and went to yogurt heaven!! (I understand these places exist california..... in my defense.... i don't live bite me....let me have my moment!) I was like a kid in a candy store....i ran from yogurt to yogurt trying to decide what in the world i needed.... so i basically got a little taste of each... i had some cake batter....some peanut butter and chocolate....some strawberry.... and vanilla. Before you go calling me a lard ass re-read my sentence..... a LITTLE taste of each. I"m not a monster people....i have SOME self control :)

I googled this little shack of a yogurt shop when i got home....and with further research found out that a yogurtland is coming this way too!!!! Remember when i said i wanted to move back to may have to drag me kicking and screaming (while carrying all my yogurt of course) now!!!!


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