Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Girls Weekend!!

This past weekend was the much anticipated girls weekend in KC. I was SOOOOOOO looking forward to this trip....and it did not disappoint!!!

I got there Thursday night so Jen and I had some chill time friday before everyone arrived. Pedicures seemed like a great idea!!! (i haven't had mine done since my wedding.....haven't even painted them since!!)
Friday after everyone had arrived and we'd had a few pre-drinks we headed to dinner!! I'd have to say it wasn't the best Houilhans experience we've ever had.....but the company was grand!!!
Saturday we spent what seemed like FOREVER in the car..... went to lunch...went to get Royals shirts....went to get chairs.....went to get ice cream......went to get booze.......

Then it was finally time to get the party started!!!! IT WAS HOT!!! i mean like super uncomfortable wanna take your clothes off and run around naked kind of hot. Some how we managed to tailgate for a couple of hours..... and get Jenna nice and drunk.

THIS....may be why she was drunk.....who knows.

We made it in to the game and in our seats for about 30 seconds before we decided sitting in the HOT SUN was not our idea of fun. So to the bar we went :) Plus we needed to get jenna some food.....and mel and i decided it was going to be a tequila night...... as you can tell from the following pictures.....that went well.

Mel, Sav and I toughed it out and went downtown......here i am wonderng what in the world i was thinking.....this shall not end pretty.
See......i said it wasn't going to be pretty. I look like i just woke up....... oh well :)

It was a GREAT trip....with my GREAT friends.....and i can't wait to do it all again next year in the windy city......CHICAGO you have been warned!!!

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