Friday, June 11, 2010

Whatcha doin?????

THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!! I was spoiled last week and only worked 3 5 seemed like FOR-EV-ER!!!!(if you don't know what movie that's from your a re-tard) It's been a busy week though....Monday i picked up the hubbster from the airport around 9ish.....which PS nothing makes me go from excited to see someone to and angry more then having to drive in circles waiting for them at the airport!!!! I'm sure he didn't get the welcome he was expecting!!! So we weren't home and in bed till like 11......which i'm normally i'll snuggled in by 930!! Tuesday we went to Film on the Rocks......What is that you ask???? Well it's this place......

And they were playing THIS movie......

And there were a LOT of these there!!

Ok maybe not a LOT but there was a lot of what hippies like to do going on......Colorado's pretty open with that apparently!!! This was our first Film on the Rocks experience.....and i'd have to say it was a great one!!! They do it every tuesday in the we may venture back!! Only thing i don't like about it is the movie doesn't start till like 9....remember early....i'm in bed by 930.

Soooooo anywho..... we got NO plans for this weekend.....I LOVE it when that happens!!!!!! We were supposed to go out downtown tonight for a friends birthday, but when you only have like $60 to get you thru till next have to limit yourself!!!! We may go for another hike on you have more of those pics to look foward too!!! Alright.....well enough of this pointmess rambling!! Hope you all have a SUPER weekend!!!

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