Wednesday, October 21, 2009

College.....I Miss You!!!

I don't know about you....but there isn't much i wouldn't give to go back to college..... MAN i loved that place!! Now i know....i was there for 6 years.....and i have a very good explination for that....ok maybe not a REALLY good one....but i have one! I just didn't want to let it go! If i would have known how much the real world sucks, i would have gone for 10 years!!

1. Sleeping in.... i went out of my way to try and NOT have anything to do before 10 am. My stupid major thought it was funny to make most of my classes at 730am on MWF though....Stupid Human Ecology. (with attendence policies too!! MEAN!)
2. Waitressing.... yes i know i can still do this, but it's tough with a regular 8-5. I loved the flexibility of it, the money, the people, the food :)
3. Aggieville (more so starting my junior year till my 2nd senior year!) I love love love that place. It's all just so convenient!! I loved that at one point in college there wasn't many places me and the peeps could go and NOT know a big chunk of people. THen i got old and didn't know anyone....this made me sad.
4. Pizza Hut buffet.... again, i know i could still do this....i don't really like it unless it's a random friday, still in my pj's, hungover and looking like a hot mess....only in a college town is this acceptable to me!
5. Game Day. I've often wondered what it is about these days that makes it possible for me to get up at 7am and start drinking..... on any regular day i'd punch someone at this suggestion.... but on game days you could find us with our bells on sitting in the back of the jeep eating eggs with our hands at a ridiculous hour.......
6. Roomates. Yes i have a roomate, my husband. I love him dearly and we have a blast together... but i miss having my girls there.... crawling into bed with Mel to recap our crazy night...cry about the latest stupid boy drama....or just to snuggle!! I miss our little pre-parties before we'd go out.... t-shirt making..... and sunday night dinners!
7. MY GIRLS... by far the thing i miss the MOST! Us all being in the same place..... texts and phone calls are great...but nothing can beat seeing their perrty little faces :) I miss my "bad girls".

There are many many many more (so long, gumby's, tuttle creek, pillsbury, coco bolos)..... but it would take me WAY to long to try and name them all....... Basically i just miss it all.......

What do you miss about college??


  1. well your still in you don't count :)

  2. I'm so with you. I ate at So Long last weekend and maybe had a Bloody Mary or two. I felt like they had to drag me away.

    I miss scaring away mail men by not wearing pants. I know I can still do that, but its not the same. :-) And Friends marathons. I love that show.

    I should've stayed much longer. Dang.