Wednesday, October 14, 2009

5 things i love, but shouldn't (jumping on the bandwagon!)

Well.... since i'm such a follower i decided to do what jess, sarah, jamie and many others have done!! Plus i thought it was a pretty sweet post :) Narrowing this down to five may be hard.... and maybe if i ask nicely travis will do ne too!!!
(In No particular order!)

1. Sucrose, Lactose and Fructose

awwwww sugar..... i love it!!! there isn't a single second that goes by that i don't think "man, sugar would be AWESOME right now!!" I heart skittles, hot tamales, nerds, juju's, licorice, sour gummys, regular gummys, orange slices, gobstoppers, fun dip, mike and ike' get the point! I blame my inability to lose any weight on this problem....but i'm not willing to give it up!

2. Diet Coke

mmmmm....nice cold refreshing diet coke.... i care not that coke can destroy a nail..... i say bring it on....that's how much i heart it!

3. Expensive Things
Why do i have to like coach purses?? Yes they are nice....are they worth $400?? Well no....not when you don't happen to have an extra $400 sitting around!! .... dolce range rovers..... all things i love, but have no right buying!!

4. The F Word!

This word comes out of my mouth more then any other word in the english language...i heart it. Its so can use it as a noun,verb, adjective....pretty much for anything!!


I can't help myself....i just love celebrity gossip....travis makes fun of me cause at times i talk about celebrities like i know them!! Now if i just looked at, or something respectable like that it wouldn't be that big of a deal.....but i happen to like the one that draws inappropriate pictures all over people. But his gossip is top notch :)

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