Thursday, October 1, 2009

Would you want to know?? my new addiction is the show "Flashforward". It's like Lost in lots of ways.... it flashes between different times, everyone seems to be connected, and there's even some of the same actors!! One BIG Sawyer :( But like Jess pointed out to me, it's a clearer line!! It's easier to follow.....they even give you dates. In flashforward everyone in the world blacks out at the same time for the exact same amount of time. During this blackout everyone has visions of the future....the same time in the future. So, as you can imagine....this isn't going over so well (besides the fact that thousands died!), everyone is now obsessing over what they saw or did not see. Some see their marriage ending, the beginning of a new life, a vacation, or nothing at all...which we've learned means they've died between the present time and the flashforward.

This got me thinking...... if given the opportunity would i want to know the future? i go back and forth with this. Would i like to the winning lottery numbers for next weeks powerball, sure....would i like to know if i'm dead in 10 years.... hmmmmmm. I personally think no. I wouldn't want to waste the rest of my life thinking.....ohhhh poor me i'm not going to be here to see my kids get married, i'm going to miss this....and this..... i'd rather enjoy every second that i pity parties. What's that saying??? Live every moment like it's your last?? i think that should be what we all live by........

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  1. You are very profound, Mrs. McGuire. I agree. First, I really like FlashForward. Give me some time and I might even like it more than Lost. I miss Sawyer though. Tear...

    Definitely agree - Live every moment. Seize the moment (that was in another of my Thursday night TV shows, Community which is HILARIOUS). I digress. Live life to the fullest. You never know what tomorrow could bring.

    Love you!