Friday, September 25, 2009

Slaker Wedding Guests to Blame!

I blame all of you wedding guests for my amazing hot mess of a day. If only you would have drank a few more glasses of wine i wouldn't be stuck with the task of drinking 6 1.5L's of Chardonnay. At first I was excited by the idea..... then i remembered i have no self control and can consume a whole bottle by myself if i'm not closely monitored. I have one person to monitor me, my husband..... for those that know him, you understand the irony in this. It was my monitor that had the brillant idea of opening a bottle last night..... and to open the second one as well. I'm hoping that we don't go about getting rid of the 2 bottles of Gold Schlager and 2 bottles of Jager in the same fashion. I can't make any guarantee's..... i will however continue to be ridiculously out-of-control for the majority of my life so maybe you should just get used to it :)

As you can imagine being two bottles deep ment that it was Travis and I's job to solve worldly issues.... like what i want to be when i grow up..... which ski passes to buy.......why i think i'd like living back in kansas..... neuter knox or no?....... what we should do as our farewell to the bat-shit crazy neighbor when we move........ why would jessica simpson let a coyote eat her dog.....
i-phones. ........ just a glimpse into our deep conversations as a funtioning drunk couple :)

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  1. I really wish I was there to drink with you. I think I could really add some fun tidbits to the conversations.