Monday, September 7, 2009

Ireland DAY 1.... sleepyheads!

Well we did it, we're officially mr. and mrs. mcguire!!! What a GREAT weekend!!! Thanks to everyone that made the trip, and that helped my mom with all the set up/take down and everything else! We couldn't have asked for a better day! We went home yesterday, opened presents, take a much needed 3 hour nap and finished packing! Is it just me or is it impossible to feel fully prepared for trips like this? We sat and stared at our bags going over and over the things we need, but some how i'm sure something was forgotten!! I like to live by my mom's philosophy, if you forgot it buy it :) although some things aren't purchasable, like travis's passport that he tried to leave behind at security!!! So now we wait! We board at 1120, fly to charolette, then to philly, then FINALLY to Dublin! From philly it's about a 7 hour flight, with the 7 hour time difference. so that puts us in Dublin at 840am Tuesday morning their time!! The plan is to catch a cab to our hotel, leave our bags and go exploring!! We are going to try to NOT sleep during the day so hopefully the transition to their time won't be all that bad! We're staying at a swank little boutique hotel in the area called Temple Bar Distric....wonder if that means we're by the bars :) pure accident.... well ok not really but I hear it's an awesome area! So hopefully the next time you hear from us we're safe on the ground Guiness in hand!!

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