Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ring of Kerry and Dingle

travis has the urge to blog..... so here he is :)

So I have multiple things to say......It's day 5 and I have to say Abby's been a wicked good driver. Only about taken out one poor little suicidal sheep and just brushed up against one other cars side few mirror......totally their fault though. Aside from that Ireland is fantastic.....I'm so glad we came over here as opposed to a beach which we found along our drive any way today.....however we didn't go in the water as it was freezing but others were enjoying it and it looked like fun. Another beautiful day for the drive weather was 62 and sunny.

So as we arrive in to dingle we notice a crowd of people most of them in running gear looking rather sluggish as they've just ran The First Annual Marathon of Dingle which runs accross Slea Head Drive....still not sure what drives people American or Irish to run that far for any reason.....after getting in to town we went to park in a "car park" to find our B&B because Tom let us down and couldn't find it. So as we went on a walk about we decide to go to the pier and check it out we ended up taking some amazing photo's of ourselves catching sweet air i.e. the pictures to come later!

Up next was lunch which we ate at Danno's Pub! I had the fish and chips and Abby had the special.....which we both had the day before.....amazing sandwiches (Ham, tomatoes, and amazing cheese....sometimes onions can't talk anymore about them i'm getting hungry). So as most of our story has gone the first night we proceeded to eat dinner have lots to drink then stumble home.....well abby stumbled I watched in amazement as every time i thought she was going down she managed to catch herself. Before this however we went in to a Pub called ~Dick and Macks which is accross from the church....the church is conincedently accross from Dick and Macks. There we made quick friends with the old town drunk there who tried to steal Abby's ring becaused he guessed the net value of it was $10,000.......yeah well he would have been sadly dissappointed and he wasn't a very good thief. . . . . however his body guard scared me and looked similar to Indian Jones/Gorbachov....sp....he also fancied bringing in his own bottle of liquor as opposed to buying it over the bar! Smart man in my Book. So as you can guess the next day to follow was going to be rough but no worries we ate then took a sweet ass nap! Abby you Up!

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