Wednesday, September 16, 2009

*tear*....*sniff*..... Last day in Ireland.

We were dreading this day from the second we landed in Ireland.... the last day of our honeymoon, adventure, vacation and pizza fest. I don't think we knew how much we actually dreaded it at that point, because there was no way to brace ourselves for the amazingness that is Ireland. But....the show must go on.

So we had one last drive we wanted to make on the way to the Shannon area. It's called Connor's Pass. It takes you thru two mountains that shape Dingle and also along the ocean. I was told that if we thought the Slea Head drive was tricky we'd better saddle up, cause this was even trickier!! that a challenge?? ohhhh i think it was :) We reluctantly packed up, said goodbye to the sweet little house dog and jumped in the car. At first it was nothing....just the normal minii-sized road and some sweet views..... then the mini turned into basically not there!! Thank God there wasn't much traffic cause i'm pretty sure there would have been several cuss words dropped that day! This drice was fun cause we were higher up and inbetween mountains, so the views were different then we'd seen. We climbed up/down some things we probably shouldn't have (i remember telling Travis that if Debbie were here we'd be in SOOO much trouble!) We climbed up this one little place where there was a waterful, just certain that the damn water had to be coming from somewhere. .... higher, higher..... travis are you SURE there's a pond up here...... yes abby, quit being a baby..... higher higher.....TRAVIS seriously..... i think i see something.... travis this marriage isn't going to be a long one if i climb up the whole damn mountain and there isn't a flipping pond (i kid i kid!!). Well....there was a pond..... and it was freezing!!!! travis wanted to get it.... or actually push me in, i managed to scare him away from the idea and we sat for a while admiring the view from uptop....(lots of taking in the scenery is vital in a place like this....some tears may have been shed too) After reminding him that my mom would kill him if he didn't bring me back in one piece he helped me down the mountain and we were on our way.....again!!!

We were scheduled to fly out of the Shannon airport at 845 am Tuesday morning. I had asked travis is he wanted to stay in Shannon the night before or if he'd rather stay in a smaller irish town. He voted small town, which we both regretted at this point. Buuuuuut, a 15 euro late fee a piece wasn't something we felt like was necessary so we went to Quin. This place was ohhh about 10 minutes from Shannon, so not bad. But when we get there, the room isn't ready...and there's no internet. I was peeved. We hadn't had internet for two days and how in the world am i supposed to update you guys when i can't get a flipping connections!!!! I pouted....just a little! Travis was ready to just go up to the room get our stuff situated and rest. At first i was on board, but then decided we're in flipping IRELAND, there has got to be something cool in the area we can go see!! I researched, and i was right (weird!). The Cliffs of Moher were only a short hour away and a must see!! (because we hadn't had the internet i was unable to figure this out until we went to mcdonalds and used theres....yes mcdonalds.) Off we the small car....on the small a place that we hope to God TomTom knows how to get to. Tom seems to know where it we continue on!! As we pull into the nearest town, the first thing we see is a golf there are plenty of these in Ireland but this course in my opinion is the DEVIL COURSE!!! I have never in my life seen land with so many hills....i mean seriously, do they want people to play there? The best of golfers could golf on here and leave crying.... if it wasn't for the scenery i don't think anyone would be brave enough to play. Maybe that's why they're booked up for like a year out, men like the challange..... or maybe they just like to throw away $1000 on a game of golf....i don't golf, so i don't understand. It did make me miss my dad though.... he'd of been grinning from ear to ear if he could have seen it! Anyway....on to the Cliffs. I've seen cliffs, i've been to the Grand Canyon and what not.... well, the GC's got nothing on these bad boys!! We tried throwing several rocks over, never seeing it hit the water.... wind? bird? who knows....all i know is it was steep!! The cement trail ended like a quarter of the way around it, but some smart or dumb people continued past that, leaving a sweet illegal trail for all of us non-rule followers. We made it about 3/4 of the way before i was over it.... it was cold, windy and i was hungry :) We got some great pics though....

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