Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 4....DUDE!!! You almost just took out that sheep!

Hello!!!! What an amazing trip we've had so far (i'm sure it'll only get better!!) Yesterday after we made our way from Kinsale to Blarney Castle (Yes we kissed it, and yes we have much more eloquence from it!!) we came to Kenmare. This town isn't a big place, and it's actually quite quiet during the week. When we first got here we just walked around for a few hours, exploring, window shopping and checking out the views! We stopped into a bar for some lunch and ordered the worlds HOTTEST pizza!!....side note, the pizza here, is AMAZING!! sorry papa johns, you've been pushed out of first place in our eyes :) We've had pizza at least once a day for all four days we've been here! So if we're fat when we get back, i blame the pizza! After that we found ourselves a nice little wine store and helped ourselves to a nice bottle while uploading pics! We headed out to find some live music and drinks. We found ourselves in a little place called PF McCartney's. It was a great time. We met a couple that was visiting from Florida... they pretty much are doing the same route as we are but reversed! So they had some good things to say about all the places we're headed next! We then went to a bar called O'Connors. this place wasn't much bigger then the Lou in Aggieville, but Travis insisted we stop in and get a drink of Paddy's! We sat at the bar and quickly made friends with three little irish men. They kept asking me if my dogs name was Toto....this was funny the first 10 times, then i was getting annoyed!! They were very friendly though, and gave us some good advice as to what to do today! They said since we're diving the Ring of Kerry tomorrow that we should drive the Ring of Bera also. IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE!!! I don't think it's fair that people get to live here, and see this's breathtaking to say the least! And on that note, we'll need someone to pack up our stuff and send it out here. we won't be returning home.....ever :) That was pretty much an all day adventure.....but driving along the coast and mountains was worth it!!! another side not, sheep and goats....they don't stay in fenced areas, they like to stand in the middle of the road and apparently some of them have death wishes! We made it back here in time to stop and watch the sunset...again, UNBELIEVABLE!! (seeing a trend here!). I'm posting all my pics as we speak on facebook, i'm sure they won't do justice, but it's all i have!! I'll try to get a few on here as well!! Tomorrow we're off to drive the Ring of Kerry as we make our way to Dingle. The locals call it "The Kingdom". Apparently you can't get much closer to God!!!

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