Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Travis Doll???

Am i allowed to keep blogging even though we're not in Ireland Anymore?? I don't think i can change the web address....damn. Something i should have thought about BEFORE creating this :) But who was to know i'd actually enjoy it!!

First of all....about the last post....isn't my hubby sweet??? I'd have to agree with pretty much all of his favorite things. I thought i'd make a list of the things i DIDN'T like instead....
1. ????
hmmm, never mind, there wasn't a darn thing I didn't just adore about that place....i must go back, as i am sure there has to be something i would not like (nothing can be THAT perfect!)

I just got back to Colorado from ANOTHER wedding..... yes it was family too! We (my mom, sisters, granny, and cousins on mom's side) all headed out to Pacific City Oregon for Julie's wedding. I've never been to Oregon before and i must say i was rather impressed!! It's really pretty.... and very Liberal. Portland was like a really really big Boulder! Anyways, Pacific City was a really small little coastal town and it was just adorable! Julie and Johnny tied the knot on the beach with the most amazing view! Julie did an awesome job of planning a great and personal ceremony and reception!!
In other fun news, I'm officially a McGuire today!! I went to the Social Security office, and the DMV..... sad i know. I still don't understand why travis didn't want to take Doll....i think it's cute.
We're home for a whole 2 weeks now..... i'm sooooo ready for that too!! It's just be a whirlwind of traveling for the both of us this year!! I swear i've flown more this year then i have in the past 10 years combined!!! Next up, cousin Chris's wedding in Lawrence Oct. 9th. Then the next weekend Travis's mother is throwing us a reception in Mulvane!!! Looking forward to more family time....just not traveling time! Well.... until next time, Abby McGuire signing off :)

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