Thursday, September 10, 2009

A few forgotten comments and thoughts

While driving in the car today we were discussing a few things we'd forgotten to mention!!!
1. Guiness Factory. This place was HUGE!!! it was very informational, but to tell you the truth it smelled like cattle feed (and I know what that smells like!!) I have not ever really drank a Guiness before (besides the occasional Irish Car Bomb!) So i decided what better place to do so then at the place where it's made. And just as i suspected, it tasted just like i figured. Cattle Feed!! Not that i've eaten cattle feed, but if i were to guess what it tasted like, i'd say guiness is a prime example.
2. Driving. I briefly menitoned this in the last post, but i must tell you IT IS WEIRD!!! I can handle the stick shift being on the left, no problem. It's all the damn roundabouts that make my life here in Ireland Hell!! they're all two lane and if you dare try to exit, you'd better be in the left, or you'll get honked at, ran into, stared down and possible even flipped off!! I'm happy to report that i've only been honked at 2 or so times.... so again, i am proud of myself! Yesterday we had driven from Dubline, Cashel to Kinsale and those roads were mostly highway like roads so no biggie. Flash forward to today and we found ourselves on roads that were no wider then our regular full size lane back home. (hence why the cars are sooo damn tiny here!). If i'm the only car on the road i'm fine, but the second another car is in sight and about to pass i tend to make a MEHHH. Depending on the size of the oncoming car the MEHHH would be hardly noticable or a shriek, Travis was really enjoying this!! OHHH and also, the gas here is RETARDED!!! At first i thought we were in gas heaven, seeing 1.16 on the signs. I didn't realize they sell it by the Liters. We spent 43 euro's to fill up our little car. ($61.19) RE-DONK-U-LOUS!! So next time you want to complain about gas prices...don't.
3. Housing. We were strolling around town looking at all the lovely sights and what not when we passes a real estate place. They post some houses for sale in the window.... i decided we're moving here so thought we'd better check out the prices.... sad to say, we'll be living in the USA for quite some time!!! The lowest price we saw was 268,000 euros or $391,000. I have no flipping clue how people afford that!! No wonder the majority of the houses here are bed and breakfasts...... just saying.
4. Cost of Booze. EXPENSIVE..... like not even college town type expensive....we're talking hanging out at the Ritz expensive. Guiness=6euros($8.75) more expensive then the cheap seats at the Rockies. Wine=5euros($7.30) While at the bar we got me wine and travis a bud heavy, costing us 11.75euros ($17.12) Needless to say we went ahead and bought a bottle for $20 and will be drinking that in our room before dinner :)
5. Black & White pudding. Soooo for breakfast this morning travis ordered the traditional irish breakfast. It had 2 fried eggs, some bacon (which by the way looks like pig ears here!) sausage links and these little patties that are called Black and White pudding. I tried the lighter one and decided it wasn't bad, tasted like sausage almost. Made travis try the black one and didn't really like it. Well come to find out, they are just fried sausage, the black one being cooked in blood. we won't be eating that again.....MEHHH.
6. Craic. Not to be confused with the drug of choice for the rock-n-rollers. Basically it means, a shit ton of fun. If we were to say it's the craic ninety (weird i know) we'd mean it's the most fun possible. The ninety means like close to perfection or something....i don't know i just shake my head and pretend i know what they're saying!!!!

Ok. Well those are the things we remembered in the car. We'll blog later about today's adventures!! Be sure to check out our pics on my facebook!

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