Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Saturday....are you here yet????

Well, here we are....4 days away. Snuck up on me that's for sure!! I'd like to lie to you and tell you that we're fully prepared and everything is in place...... but i won't. I'm losing my mind going over small details, decorations, schedules.....yada yada yada. My mother, bless her heart, has been a HUGE help. But sometimes i am scared to answer the phone when she calls.... what now? what decision do i need to make (for those of you who know me, know i am NOT a decision maker....i'll sit in the car for an hour before giving in and deciding where we're eating!)... what task do i have now!!! At first this was fun.... i liked having jobs to do! i mean after all this is OUR wedding not my moms! But enough is enough..... no more labels on shot glasses, no more chalk paint on beer glasses, no more welcome baskets, flowers, cake, dresses, garters, tux's, RSVP's..... NO MORE!!! JUST BE HERE ALREADY SATURDAY!!!!! All i want to do is marry my best friend, party the night away with all my amazing friends and family and get on a damn plane to Ireland!!! ....... ok i'm done.... that was my rant for the day (can't promise there won't be more...you never know!)

On a happier note....Family starts arriving TOMORROW!!!!! My parents are on their way up with the trailor (yes....that's how much stuff my mom has for this) tomorrow afternoon, and they'll swing by the airport to pick up Jess!! Can't wait to get the festivities started!!!


  1. We are all just blogging fools - love it! Can't wait to read about the Ireland travels. After that rant, I 110% believe you need a vacation.

    I cannot wait to get there tomorrow night! We may have to do some emergency hair dying to solve the problem of this purple hair. Maybe not. I have yet to be in a wedding that I didn't look like a fool in so maybe this wedding is purple hair.

  2. yyyyeah! I cannot wait for this weekend!

  3. oh jess....i thought the who look was awesome :) we can do whatever you need!!! and i need shoes for friday so shopping is on the to do list as well!!