Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Slea Head drive....aka, one scary ass road :)

Ok...i was NOT that bad TRAVIS!!! I may have ran into the wall a few times and thought he was leading me to the wrong B&B, but i was fine :) (it's probably ok that we can't find Paddy's whiskey here!). Like trav said we got up, ate our lovely breakfast and went back to sleep for a bit! After all, we are on vacation!!! We got up and around and decided to take the Slea Head Drive. Its a short drive, about 30 minutes if you go the speed limit 50km/hour, and don't stop (not likely!). Well.... i was not about to drive that fast on this road. It's the size of ohhh a small car, two lanes, and the only thing keeping you from flying off the side into the atlantic is a small rock fence!! It was scary....and so you can imagine that everytime a car came up i made my usual Behhhh.... sometimes i may have actually screamed :) We stopped at least 12 times.... well at least when everyone else did, we're followers!! It was AMAZING!!! It was slightly foggy that day so the clouds were just over the mountains on the other side of the ocean making for one hell of a view!! We also got our first look at some of their beaches!! No.... we didn't strip our clothes off and run into the deep blue.... if we would have done this, we ourselves would have been blue!! That water is f'n COLD!!! I'm not sure how there were kids playing in it, they're used to it i'm sure, but still!! Some were smart and wore wet suits.....still crazy in my book!! ..... We had planned to stop for lunch somewhere along the drive, but turns out unless you want to eat in someones's actual kitchen, you're out of luck! So about 430 when we made it back we were STARVING!!!! And as luck would have it, Dingle had a pizza place :) We had what they call the GTC.... garlic tomato and cheese bread..... i don't think i need to go into detail about how good this is....... you should just know!! I started to not feel so good after dinner so we went back to the house and rested, watched some tube and just chilled. Around 9 or so travis decided it was time to eat again, eating may or may not have been one of our favourite things to do in Ireland!! Every town we'd been in we kept seeing at least 4 Chinese places. This baffled us. I mean, don't get me wrong, we love us some chinese food, but in Ireland??? We figured we'd better check it out..... and we weren't disappointed!! It was really good, and SUPER busy!! The only strange thing about it was before your food they brought out this spongey white things....almost like rice cakes, but not.... i have no idea. I thought they were gross, trav didn't mind. Then it was back to bed..... we were tuckered out at this point in the trip..... it's rough eating all the time and sight seeing :) Only one full day left in Ireland..... tear.

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