Thursday, September 17, 2009

I see London, I see Philly, I see Obama?????

Our travels home were the last thing in the world we were looking forward to!! The trip out wasn't so bad cause we were sooo excited and full of energy! Trip back....different story!! We had to get up at 5:30am Ireland time (10:30pm Denver time previous night) to get our butt's to the airport, drop of the honeymoon-mobile and check in. IF ONLY it were that easy.... we pull up to the car place, and no one is we wait (my favorite thing to do at 6am)....and wait....and finally around 620 someone (i'm assuming they are LATE) comes and unlocks the gate, lets us in, does a quick run around the car and shuttles us off to the airport. Checking in they have weird procedures for Air Lingus....they take your passport before you even talk to anyone at the desk...ask you many questions....THEN let you go to the desk to get your tickets. Once there we check the bags....they tell us "oh hopefully they make it from London to Denver".... excuse me??? i don't think they're supposed to say that kind of thing!! At this point, i don't care if it makes it or not.... new makeup and clothes are fun right! Alright..... so we're checked in and have an hour or so till we'll even know what gate we're supposed to go to..... we hang out with ohhhhh about 200 american soldiers making their way home...they were all over the place....buying all the presents they could for their family and friends....was kinda neat actually!! Flight from Shannon to London is worries, sleep most of the way. London, get there and have two hours before we know what gate again (why do they do this???). sweet...this will give us plenty of time to catch up our blog, pics and what not....NOPE. Do people not believe in free internet anymore...i mean really!! I'm annoyed at this point and just want to be home squeezing my puppies....but 13 more hours to we press on. Flight from London to Philly is actually quite nice....US airways has nice comfy seats on their big planes :) We got fed...twice!! Pasta for the first one and a sandwhich four hours later....and lots of pop, getting my money's worth!! AND we got to watch The is HILARIOUS!!!! I'm sure people that weren't watching thought we were drunk or something cause we laughed out loud ALOT!!! I was laughing so hard i was crying (to the the wall.....). We're about there and the pilot comes on and says "Well folks it looks like Obama has landed and cleared the area, so we shouldn't have the delays that others had"...... what?? Obama??? ok whatever, just land the plane and lets to this. He lied..... we circled for about 20 minutes before getting the go ahead to land. Soooooo now we're officially in the USA, Super pumped about this!! I can't wait to get back to driving on the right side of the road, fast food, cheap beer and work :) Next up....customs. This is a PAIN IN THE ASS!!! No, i don't have crops or any type of agriculture from a foreign place, no bugs, no cultures that i plan on growing, no drugs and no large sums of money, may i please go home now??? ...... next plane is scheduled to take off at 6:10. We board....everything is looking just peachy for a smooth rest of the trip. We pull out...... then pull back in?!?!? Now i'm no pilot, but i don't think this is customary! Turns out there is a screen not working in the cockpit so they need to have someone come look at it. An hour and a half later they think we're ready to hit the big blue sky....wrong again. That damn Obama decided to make his Philly trip short and leave about the same time everyone else wanted to..... so the runway was all sorts of backed up! We were #17 in line by the time we got all situated (i hear it was waaaay worse before we got out there!). 45 minutes later.... we're grumpy, late and not fans of US Airways or Obama.

But... we made it home (so did the luggage!). I forgot how much i love my sheets..... my pillow..... my shower..... my kitchen..... my couch..... my large television..... my large collection of empty boxes???????? Next adventure for the two of us...figuring out what to do with all the stuff we have from the wedding.

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