Sunday, November 29, 2009

The First Annual McGuire/Lane Thanksgiving!!

This year for Thanksgiving we decided to skip the family thing!!! Well....ok it wasn't that easy. As you all know we have been traveling ALOT, and travis is SOOOO over it :) My family was all headed down to Texas and we just couldn't take the extra time off, or afford to fly...sooooo what's the next best thing to being with family??? Being with the best of friends!!! Meghan and Jade made the journey out here on Tuesday night....we quickly got to business: Ski rental, lots of groceries, lots of booze and then some mexican food!!! We got up early the next morning (jade HATED us for this!!) and headed out to Keystone for some good ol fashioned fun!! Well that's what the plan was anyways!! First run up....this retard drops her one pole for the rest of the day was just going to have to work....then next run down Travis decided to take out a Ski Instructor (long story...but he was pro for 17 years bro...and NEVER has anyone EVER done that to him)...he tried to scare travis and tell him that he was hot passing his lift ticket, meaning he wouldn't be able to use it again until he took a safety so we went and checked on it, turns out he was just on a power trip and doesn't even have the authority to do so!!

After our long day at the slopes we came home and took a much needed nap!! Woke up and did my next favorite thing...EAT SUSHI!!! We took them to our favorite sushi place in Denver, Sushi Sasa....they approved!!!
Thursday morning Meg and I woke up around 8 to get the turkey took us till about 10 to get it in the was a 22 pound turkey.....for 4 of us......but it turned out AMAZING!! Meghan always impresses me with her cooking skills....jade's a lucky man!!!

Needless to say, it was a success.....with lots of left overs!!! Next year, Jade doesn't get to pick out the turkey :) It was great to spend such quality time with these two....they both have a huge place in my heart!!! I know that if i ever needed anything they'd be there for me....and i hope they know i'd do the same!!! I sure will miss them while they're in Mexico....maybe i'll just go with, be there "maid" or something cool like that!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

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