Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Sooooo, we heart the Biggest Loser.....product placement and all :) We watch every week...cheering on our favorite contestants and marveling at their success. Yes we know...they spend 8 hours a day in a gym and have some of the most amazing trainers at their side.

Jillian.... a.ka. One Scary Ass Woman

Bob....the "Good" guy

Well anyways.... yesterday on the show the final four contestants had to run a FULL MARATHON!!! (Thanks Sarah...i wasn't thinking!!) These are people that, even though they've lost TONS of weight, are still considered over weight!!! We watched in amazement as Rudy ran the WHOLE thing...not walking once!! And Amanda the 22 year old voted on by America was only about 30 minutes behind.... These are people that used to get winded walking to the fridge!! AMAZING!!!

So, call me crazy.....but if they can do it why can't we?? I don't plan on signing Travis and I up for one this weekend....i understand that there is some training that needs to happen first!! But just to get the ball rolling and have some dates to work towards I researched some smaller runs here in Colorado in the next couple of months!! Here's what we're looking at for now!

First up...Frosty's Frozen five and ten....January 16th in Littleton. We're just going to do the 5 mile run for our first go! The name makes me nervous....i'd prefer to not be frozen

Next up would be the Snowman Stampede 5M/10M..... February 27th in Littleton. This time we'd go for the 10 mile! (This is ONLY if we survive the 5M in January and think there's a chance in hell we'd be able to do the 10!!)

If....and that's a HUGE if.... we manage to work our way up to the 10M...whether it be at the Snowman Stampede or sometime after that....we would set our sights on a HALF MARATHON next!! I've got a few in mind....but it will all depend on where we are in April....

Ok...well i put that out there....we have to really do it now i suppose :) SCARY!


  1. they ran a full marathon I thought....26.2 miles?
    Either way. craziness.

  2. So excited for you! And so jealous that Travis is going to do it with you. Drew won't run with me. :(

  3. Thanks Sarah...i was stuck on me running a Half...changed it!! Jamie... I am VERY lucky! Travis and I work out together pretty much every day!! I love that its something we can do together!

  4. You guys are straight crazy, running that long can't possibly be healthy