Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Pics

I'm not really feeling up to blogging all about our Christmas instead i'll just narrate thru the pictures.

Me and the hubster at my friend Amanda's wedding in Wichita the 19th.

"And we're the three best friends that anyone could have, we're the three best freinds that anyone could have!"

My favorite people in the whole wide world!

We headed back home to Dodge after the wedding and lots of family and friends were at the house. Bre and Addi were having a grand ol time.

The girls on Sunday doing our Christmas at home.

The boys!

Bre got a head scratcher and it was a hit with everyone!

Grandma Kay, Ranaye and Ayden came to visit too!!

It's tradition to play a game at Christmas Eve at G&G Doll's house. Uncle John couldn't figure out to express his phrase so instead he just did a headstand.

Mom's turn!

Small word!

The Miller's waiting their turn!

Baby Carlye

For some reason, no matter what cool toys they get, the kids LOVE to play in the boxes!

Next day we headed to Wichita to see the in-laws!!

Baby Kayden patiently waiting for present time!

Alex was SUPER pumped!

Again with the kid in the box!!

All in all it was a successful Christmas. We enjoyed getting to see everyone and spending some quality down time in Dodge during the week. Hope everyone else had a grand ol Christmas....and Have a super happy new year!

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