Friday, January 8, 2010

Goodbye 2009!

Well even though it's already January 8th, we're officially just starting our "new year". There were a few things happening this past week that we didn't want to associate with we are clumping all that crap in with 2009 and starting anew....right meow.

First of all.... are we supposed to say twenty ten?? or two thousand and ten?? is there a politically correct way?? I would hate to be laughed at behind my back (no one DARES laugh at my face...i'm scary! try it, see what happens!!) for using the wrong term. hmmmm well anyways.
2009....what a flipping year huh?? ok, maybe not that exciting. But i did get to marry my best friend, so that was big! And i got to go to Ireland, which if i haven't told you, WAS THE BOMB DIGGITY!!! Wait, i'm getting ahead of myself......I will now attempt to do a year in review with pictures (I'm well aware that i would lose all of your attention if there were not big colorful pictures....duh)

Ummmmm....apparently NOTHING, cause there are no pictures....strange.

A trip to Vegas to visit two of my favorite people!

A trip to Manhattan to celebrate Fake St. Patty's with some of my favorite people in the whole wide world!


A visit from Kayden and his Grandma!


Sadie Graduates....we see Dane Cook....he's pretty.


We get Knox.... mistake? somedays!! My bridal shower in DC.


Bach. party in KC!! Crazy times!!


A visit from the McGuires, with some white water rafting, A visit from from the Fitzgeralds, and our first ever float trip.


Married my best friend.... Ireland and Oregon for Julie's wedding.

A broncos game (we shall not talk about what happened there) and another Doll wedding.


Trip to good ol Manhattan for the KSTATE KU game.... and Meghan and Jade out for Thanksgiving.


**See post below....i'm lazy**

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  1. No way knox is a mistake, he's too dang cute, theres always a home for him in mulvane, idc what the old man says