Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A few forgotten ones.....

So...while i sit here at my desk.....being ohhhhhhhhh so busy!!! I realized i forgot a VERY big plan for this year (as if getting knocked up wouldn't be big enough!!)

MOVING BACK HOME!!!!! When i say home, by no means do i mean Dodge City. Well, not unless something cool happend....like dad gave trav the feedyard!!! (still, i'd hesitate!!)... Anyways, the plan is to move to Wichita. At some point..... this year..... All depending on the always so fun Job Hunt!!!!! What shall make this so hard you ask?? (Besides the booming economy???) IF we get knocked up....i'm going to need insurance...like now. So before we could pack up and leave our jobs (which have quite nice insurance plans!) we'd need to have a job lined up that has insurance options as soon as we start. Well at least one of us would. If Trav did, i'd just get on that. Silly kid...already messing things up and they haven't even been conceived yet! SOOOOOO if something nice like that were to come up, we're there. If not, we may just have to stick out up here in the mountains for the time being!!! Sooooo keep your ears to the ground.... i'd love you long time :)

KEEPING IN TOUCH BETTER! I'm not the only one that's bad at this..... but i'd like to make a good effort in keeping in touch better with friends and family!! (not limited to those in the picture....actually i dont' even like them....why did i put that up there????) Yes facebook is nice...but it's not the same as a nice long phone call, so they can hear my ohhhh so soothing and lovely voice!!! So if you start getting random phone calls from me don't you dare ignore it.... i'm calling cause i want to talk..... and i'll keep calling till you answer and listen to me damn't!!! And if we get to move....don't be surprised when i show up at your humble abode.....( i promise to always bring wine!). I'm serious people.....

As far as our other goals.... i went to the gym yesterday and did my usual cardio and LIFTED!! go us.... now hopefully i can keep it up...today would be legs and ohhhh how i hate legs. We watched our usual amount of tv... i told trav we could shut it off and read (not funny apparently). He says it will be easier when it's not dark at 445pm and we can go out and do stuff like hike after work. I agree. ok....i'm done rambling. Have a SUPER Tuesday!!!


  1. I agree...the darkness is killer and really messes with my schedule. I watch much more TV in the winter. I feel like the end of the day should be at 5....maybe I should work on this one too...hmmm.

  2. you're going to be close to el dog if you move to Ta town!! then you better come visit and eat some willies food:)