Monday, January 11, 2010

Hello 2010!!

Today is officially my first day of the new year. I decided to NOT count the last 10 days.... they weren't fun, and not something i want to start my new year out I made the executive decision that 2010 would start on January 11th. Got a problem with that??? I didnt' think so.

Since apparently it's the cool thing to do at the beginning of the year.... we're going to tell you our "goals" for the next 12 months.... these are just simply things we'd like to do.... If it doesn't happen i won't jump off a bridge...might push travis, but i'll stay dry :)
I'll start with the hubby mchubbsters.....
1. He states he'd like to watch less TV. We tend to sit our butts on the couch from about 7pm till 9pm everynight....then go up to bed, turn on the tube and fall asleep. I don't think that's too horribly much, but i'll humor him. (I have DVR....i'll just secretly record my shows and watch them while he's sleeping!!)
2. Get out on the Mountains more. We have a pass....we spent lots of money on it....we need to use it...period. HOWEVER....the snow has been super shitty.... and that's a no go. Plus his wife just so happens to be a big baby and can't stand to be too cold.... so there a few times that have beem great skiing conditions.... this weekend is supposed to be one.....we're there man!
3. Photography. We got a new camera (just like the picture!!) recently and he says he'd like to become a superb photographer! He was actually reading the manual last night..... so he must mean business.4. Meet more people. ok.... so in all honesty we've pretty much failed in the friend making department since we've been out here. Ya, we know a handful of people.... like 2 (but who's counting). And i suppose i should take some of the blame for this. We've had a few opportunities to go places with people....but i get all weird about it. For example.... we were invited to a birthday/halloween party. I do not like dressing i knew we'd be two of the only people NOT dressed up, and we'd only know the host of the party. So i just kept visualizing trav and i sitting in the corner twiddling our thumbs looking like losers. So i said no. I shall try to say no again. 5. Start a Family. I'm not making this list up people.... i'll attach the email if you don't believe me. But it's true....we've decided that 2010 will be the year off the McGuire offspring... prepare yourselves accordingly. (Notice it's a girl.....that's our only option in my opinion)

Ok....well i don't think Trav's list was too bad..... (probably why i did his first...mine's more cliche)

1. Eat Healthier. We really aren't all that bad....most of the time. During the week we eat every meal at home. Breakfast is usually Special K omlett (we share) or a egg and cheese muffin. We come home for lunch every day (except friday) and usually eat Turkey Sandwiches. Dinner is usually something with either Ground Turkey meat or Baked Chicken. It's really the weekends that get us..... 2. Lift more weights. We're pretty good about getting to the gym during the week.... but i've been slacking on the weight lifting. I just like to do cardio.... and be done. And because i know the benefits of weight lifting....i shall do more.3. Find a church....and go. I"ve never been good at the whole church thing. To be honest the only reason i went when i was younger was because i had to....or it was Christmas. I'd like to explore my spirituality a little this year. Try out a few different churches...maybe even religions.

4. Work on my Cussing. As you all know....i love the F word. I'd like to work on that. Especially if we'll be having children soon.....i would hate for their first word to be F*CK!!

And for my last two...i'm just ditto-ing trav..... make more friends.....and work on the whole baby thing.

We'll be sure to keep you updated on how our goals for the year are coming along!!!


  1. YEAH BABIES!!! Good luck with the goals... i have ALL the same ones, EXCEPT the baby one, already took care of that in '08. HA!

  2. Oh my goodness! A little Abby running around! I can't wait!