Monday, December 14, 2009

Downhill Slope to 30

Well as many of you know i celebrated the big 2-6 this weekend. That's right...i'm old. Officially closer to 30 then 20 now. How did this happen??? Wasn't i just 21??

So for my birthday Travis and I met up with my sister and ben.

Don't they look like oodles of fun...... well they are. I suggest being friends with them.

Anyways, we went downtown to Osteria Marco. It's a super cool, fancy italian place down in Larimer Square. They have pizza that is TO DIE FOR!!! We heart the one with truffle oil on it....never heard of it?? You're missing out.....I'm a pizza master and this is top notch!! Go...Now....Hurry.

After dinner we headed to Improv. Where this lovely man Jay Phillips entertained us!! I had never been to a comedy show before and I was super pleased with it!! Travis and I both complained of sore ab's the next day from laughing so hard. (for those of you that know ben...and his laugh...this made it even better!!). I must say that this birthday was one for the books!! Thanks Bre and Ben for such a fun night!! You're the best sister and psuedo brother EVER!!

Saturday Travis and I got up...went to the gym (we're over achievers like that) then headed downtown to watch his cousin Hannah cheer. But not without stopping off at our favorite sandwich place Spicy Pickle first....this place is the BOMB! (Some of you got to experience it on wedding day, you agree i know!!) Have any of you been to a cheer thing?? HOLY LOUD BATMAN!!!! It is really neat to see all these young girls do amazing stunts, back flips, back flips with a twist....all things i can't even do in my wildest dreams. At the end of the day Hannah's group was in third and had one more chance on Sunday to redeem themselves.... Still haven't heard how it went. After all that ra-ra we headed to the mall.... 2 weeks before christmas...on a saturday....BAD IDEA!! But...Travis promised be a birthday present so we braved the crowds!! Wanna know what i got?????

TADAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Aren't i just a spoiled little brat!!!! It's my birthday AND Christmas present!!! (we had a 25% off coupon that i threw away once but my AMAZING hubby dug out and hid!!) I jsut love it...... i wanted to sleep with it, but travis told me i was crazy and he'd disown me if i did such a it stayed downstairs....all by itself :(

I also had to (HAD TO i said!) get a new dress for my friends Amanda's wedding this weekend..... Super excited for that...SUPER DUPER EXCITED!!!! We also picked up some sweet new socks for the hubster....our dogs seem to like to eat his, and he then resorts to wearing mine which is NOT ok...NOT at all. So all in all it was a successfull little saturday!!!

To round up the birthday weekend we got up early Sunday, went to the gym (who does that!!!). Made some sweet wraps for lunch then spoiled the muts by taking them to the REALLY muddy dog park. Knox LOVES this place...and LOVES the big dogs....forget the little ones that are his size, he finds the biggest dog in there and chases the crap out of it. If he can get close enough he tries his best to do a little hip thrusting....bless his heart, he doesn't stand a chance!! After we got them nice and muddy we headed to Pet-Co....where the pet's go. They were sooooo confused by this place....why oh why does would mom and dad take us somewhere that is FULL of goodies and not let us run rampid??? WHY!!!!!!

So that's the recap on my birthday weekend!!! I'd say it was a success!!! Next up...Wichita for Amanda's wedding and home for Christmas!!!!

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