Monday, November 1, 2010

Cowboy up!! i was going to try and be all crafty....i took pictures of every step of the recipe...finished product and the happy hubby eating the dip....BUT for some damn reason every time i try and put the pics in on our home computer explorer shuts down.... Sooooo no craftyness from me today, instead....generic pics off the internet!! (I promise you Jamie that the recipe will still be just as amazing!)

So here we go..... Cowboy Salsa!

1. Black Beans
2 cans, we usually drain and rinse one, just drain the other (the juice is helpful! plus tasty!)

2. Corn
1 can, drained.

3. Rotel
1 can, we usually get the Hot, but any of them will do!!

PS, don't you dare drain this!

4. Avacado
2 of these bad boys, chopped up!

5. Japs.
You can do fresh (they're hotter!) or the canned ones! Amount really just depends on how pick of a pansy you are! We like the heat, so if we do fresh we do about 4 (WITH the seeds!)

6. Onion
1/2 of one, chopped!! You can do red, white, yellow....whichever one you like best!
7. Red Pepper
Again, what's your flavor??? We've done Red, green and yellow before and to be honest i'm not real sure which is my fav in the dip, it's just whatever we have on hand!

8. Cilantro
Ok....there seems to be a theme with this recipe....basically that i don't keep measurements! I'd say we usually use about 1/4 to 1/3 cup of cilantro (chopped). If your a HUGE cilantro fan then you just go right ahead and use the whole dang bushel!

9. Lime juice
We don't do fresh....we're lame like that. we have the little squeezer deal, and i usually put about 2 tablespoons in there...

10. Italian dressing
Again...2 tablespoons should do the trick. You don't want there to be A LOT of juice in there. If you think you want more, i'd recommend waiting till you've let the dip set over night. Then see if you still want more!

Stir it all up....let it mingle in there for a bit.....then scarf it down with some chips!! YUMM-O!

P.S.This recipe really can be tweaked any way you want....we originally started out with a REAL recipe and have changed it several ways as we go! Let me know what you think!


  1. I've been wanting a good homemade salsa recipe. Thanks! Definitely be trying it this week!

  2. Yea! Thanks Abby!! I might have to make this for the game next weekend.