Sunday, October 17, 2010

Current Obsessions!!!

Sooooooo i really have nothing new to report, or fun to talk i figured i'd let ya'll in on what my current obsessions are!! (Not really in any particular order!!)

1. FroYo..... this isn't a new one....but it's a good one!!! I heart me some frozen yogurt!!

2. Body Pump..... If you've never gone to this class....Go. Get up right now and go!! We used to go at least twice a week, but with my new job i don't get to go as much....sad sad day.

3. Pretend house hunting. This obsession just started.... like yesterday. First things first though, we must get pre-approved!!
4. Cowboy salsa..... if you haven't had it. Make it... it's AMAZING!!! I can eat it with a spoon!

5. Pumpkin. It's that time of year!! Got my pumpkin spice candle goin....pumpkin cookies.... ohhh speaking of, YOU HAVE TO TRY THESE!!! You only need these two things....

Mix these two...bake at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes and VOILA!!!! You have these beauties!!

I'd recommend cream cheese frosting or maybe even just whip cream! YUM-O!!!

1 comment:

  1. Our gym just started offering Body Pump and I'm dying to go! And we just got a fro yo place up the street. Cupcake flavored fro yo? Delicious!

    Can you share a recipe for Cowboy salsa? I've never made it!