Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I've been quite the blog slacker lately.....sorry! So i'll do my best to update on the happenings out here in Denver.
As you all are aware I started my new job!!! So far so good!! Still a little frustrated with the whole move thing, but it hasn't been as slow as i was worried it would be. Now i'm just trying to adjust to my new schedule!! I work Monday, Wed., and Thursdays from 930-7pm,
Tuesdays 8-430 and Fridays (BEST PART!!!) 9-2!!! I don't really mind the late nights as long as i get my butt up early and hit the gym before hand!! Everyone I work with is super friendly...we even have Muffin Mondays!!!
Trav's still working his part time job at Colorado Ski and Golf. He works two to three times a week....which he seems to handle well!! And if you ask me it's worth it!!! We BOTH get free ski passes! That saves us nearly $1,000!!! HOLLA!!! Speaking of skiing...... we're READY!!! Trav seems to think we'll get our first snow at the end of this month......we shall see!
We have a fun weekend coming up this weekend!! Trav's parents will be visiting and so will my friend Jenna!!! The inlaws are here to watch our little cousin cheer at her high school football game then they're off to Cuchara to see some leaves turning!! (sounds strange but it really is beautiful!!) Jen is just coming out to hang!!! I have no idea what i'm going to do to entertain her, but i'm sure we'll figure something out!!!
We haven't traveled anywhere lately....just kind of being homebodies! We have some fun trips planned though!!
October 22nd i'm headed back to good ol DC for my aunts wedding!!! I'm super excited to go back home, i haven't been since CHRISTMAS!!!! So jess...sarah......prepare yourselves (and your houses, since i've yet to see them!! ) :)
Oct. 29th we'll be headed back to our old stomping ground for some KSTATE football!! I.CAN.NOT.WAIT!!! I really really really really really really miss that place. I plan on hitting up some of my favorite places while there.... so long, pita pit, varney's, and probably pita pit again :) The whole McGuire clan will be there...along with a truck load of our old friends! It promises to be quite the eventful weekend!!
Ohhhhhh and Nov. 18th a few of my favorite peeps will be arriving at DIA to spend a weekend cheering on the Cats with me as they BEAT CU!!! Sounds like we're going to have several visitors that weekend.... i'm mentally preparing now for my house to look like ATO on a Sunday morning after all this!
After that I'll be taking a trip to the Windy City in December (yes i realize this may be the dumbest move ever....but i'm just along for the ride!!!). My dear friend J-Mo (Jenna) is getting married in Mexico so we're doing her bach. party before in Chicago!! I'm super pumped and possibly already anticipating frost bite.
Well that's about all thats coming up in our future.....i'm sure it'll change at least a billion times....but it keeps me on my toes!!

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  1. Can't wait to see you guys at the end of the month in Manhattan!