Saturday, December 25, 2010

Guess what I did today.....

Well....besides get lots of super awesome gifts and lots of quality family time.....

I accidently ran 7.56 miles.
I know what your do you accidently run anything??? Well i set out on a mission to run for ohhhh about 40 minutes...and the route i had in mind was what i thought 2 or so miles one way, so my plan was to run to the end of the road and back. Turns out that little road was over 3 miles....and the road i was taking to cross over, another mile. The thing about running can't just stop and go home. Before i knew it, i had been running for an hour....only stopped once, and that was to figure out what the hell i was going to do cause i had to go to the "bathroom" SUPER bad. (Run thru it...that's all you can do!) So i think i can officially say......i'm a fan of running outside, WAY more than i'm a fan of running inside. (Plus, running in Kansas after running so much in high alititude in Colorado is NIIIIIIIICE!)
Now if it just wasn't sooooooo flipping cold out i'd be running outsides #1 fan!!!

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