Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy 27th year of life to me!!!

Well two weekends ago was the big 2-7 for me. I'm not sure how i feel about being that much closer to 30, but i do have a feeling my 27th year of life is going to be a big one!!

My birthday weekend was celebrated with amazing family (THANKS AGAIN JESS!!!), lots of coffee, AMAZING sushi, some K-state basketball, tequila and one HUGE culture shock :) oh and a little bling as well!!

I was horrible about pics this weekend...sorry. But just picture all the things i mentioned above and you'll be fine!! Instead i thought i'd make a list of what i'd liket o accomplish this year....

1. Start a family. This is a work in progress for us. It's weird to actually want a problem, at least that would explain whats going on with me. But nope, everything so far has come back just hunky dory!! We've met with a specialist and had some options laid out..... I have faith that we have a good team behind us and sometime in 2011 we'll be announcing baby mcguire :)
2. Start making strides towards my career. I've mentioned before that'd I'd LOVE to go back to school for Elementary Education. It's just not possible for me to quit and go back to school full time. I've found a pretty respectable online program that I think would be a great fit for me and I hope to get at least a few classes under my belt this coming year.
3. 1/2 marathon. I'm looking at the Colfax Marathon in May. I haven't registered yet or anything crazy.... there's a few things that need to be straightened out before i make the commitment to run something in Denver!
P.S. Jess...i'm on the hunt for a 5k!!
4. Better relations! No no no....not that kind of relations. Although i'm sure my husband would gladly welcome it :) I REALLY want to make an effort to be in better touch with friends in family. No emails or texts....I want a full on phone conversation!! I'm thinking about making a chart even....I mean business people.
5. Debt. By my 28th birthday I want to be COMPLETLY debt free. (Sidenote: Travis is planning on going back to school starting this coming summer, so there will obvisouly be some school loans....that's ok with me. I just want all the other crap gone!)
You can go ahead and count this as my new years resolution list as well.....basically the same thing!! And now i'll leave you with some pics of recent happenings!!

Great times in Chicago with an amazing group of friends!
Maybe there was a little tatoo action while we were there....

Wrigley field!

Trav's latest toy....Big Buck Hunter for the Wii. It's seriously just like the real game.... if only our house smelled like stale beer and B.O. we'd pretty much be at the Lou!

My birthday surprise from Trav!!!!

And last weekend we made our first trip up the mountain!! (this is a pic from last year, i was lame and didn't take any!!)

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  1. My birthday is right around the corner. Have Travis talk to Ryan please. :-)